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children coping after flood featured

Helping Children Cope After the Flood

Disclosure :: this post is sponsored by Children’s Hospital of New Orleans. Helping Children Cope After the Flood As the waters begin to recede and the great cleanup begins, the hard emotional work is also beginning for parents and children of south Louisiana. It can be understandably difficult for parents to maintain a sense of […]

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We Are The Helpers

We Are The Helpers When disaster strikes, we see the true humanity of the people around us. It is our natural desire to want to help those in need. And all of us play different roles and help in different ways. All of those roles are important and necessary on the long road to recovery. […]

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10 things not to say

10 Things NOT to Say to Flood Victims

Author’s Note :: This blog was a collaborative effort of survivors of flooding and their thoughts on how common sayings have made them feel. Not all statements resonated with all victims, but I felt each one was important to list so that readers could understand their feelings behind the well-meaning comments. I have said many […]

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