Passionate About Baton Rouge
and the Moms Who Live Here
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Go On and Grow

“Slow down time!” I see posts like this accompanying pictures of my friends’ growing children flooding my timeline daily. I think there is an unwritten rule that we should all wish our kids to stay little. But as someone who seems to always be breaking every rule of parenting, I have decided that I’m just fine […]

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It’s Not You, It’s Me :: An Equal Opportunity Text Ignorer

Texting. Goodness gracious, can I give the inventor of texting a loud and proud high five? Texting is a wonderful way to quickly communicate with each other. I love texting and prefer it over phone calls while juggling homework, cooking supper, and putting on a load of laundry in the evenings. However the downfall to texting for me is in the act […]

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The Hard-Working {Lazy} Mom

Are you a hard-working mom? Would people describe you as a go-getter, Type A, perfectionist, or work-a-holic? Are you also the laziest person you know? Welcome! I don’t know about you, but for all the energy I exert getting uniforms ready, homework completed, piano practiced, cleats tied, snacks sent to school, and toddler bathed–not to mention […]

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A SPOOKtacular Playdate :: Come Play With Us at Lil Bambinos

Disclosure :: we appreciate our wonderful sponsors for making our SPOOKtacular event possible! A huge thank you goes to Lil Bambinos Playtorium for hosting this event and to Bliss Cupcakes for bringing their talented cupcake decorating skills to share with the kids! Pediatric Dental Specialists of Baton Rouge will be on hand with healthy “trick or treating” in the form […]

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