Passionate About Baton Rouge
and the Moms Who Live Here
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Today I was THAT Mom

Today I was THAT mom. The mom we never want to be. The mom we’ve all judged. The mom who blames herself for allowing her unruly children to disrupt a public establishment.  As I frantically stormed out of the movie theatre with two crying (ok, one was screaming) children, I couldn’t help but shed a […]

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A Time to Remember

A Time to Remember What We Can Never Forget :: We Are Baton Rouge

The last three weeks and especially the last three days are ones that likely none of us will ever forget. We will all be able to remember the moment we found out what was happening on that horrible Sunday morning. We’ll remember the fear. The anger. The confusion. The disbelief. The incomprehensible pain. Like you, we […]

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