Passionate About Baton Rouge
and the Moms Who Live Here

Back to School…Or Not {Homeschooling}

In a week or two, tens of thousands of school children all across the Greater Baton Rouge area will hop on yellow school buses while carrying new backpacks filled with freshly sharpened pencils and unused notebooks. I have two school-aged children, but they will not be among those fresh faces waiting to meet their new […]

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On Losing Our Freedom {Starting Kindergarten}

My oldest starts kindergarten in just a few weeks. I’ve started thinking things like, “But the time goes so fast!”, “I can’t believe she’s so big!” and “But she was JUST a baby!” It’s a predictable refrain with each milestone we encounter. I think I’m having typical and appropriate feelings about my child starting school. […]

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Hi We’re New Here {Mother’s Day Out}

I can’t really say it’s “Back to School” for us, since this will be my two-year-old’s first time in any kind of school program come August. She will begin a Mother’s Day Out program, half-days, 2 or 3 times per week. It’s more like, “To School.” To…what I hope is a wonderful new experience not only […]

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The Kids TV Shows I Love to Hate

Like most all moms, I’m guilty of providing visually-stimulating entertainment to my child in the form of television shows. Those 15 minutes of freedom that my kiddo stays glued to the TV buy me precious moments to shower, do chores or for Heaven’s sake use the bathroom ALONE! I swear there must be deeply embedded subliminal […]

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I’m a Thief

I’m a thief. It’s 11:47pm on Sunday night and I’m settling in to write. The weekend is over and I’m purposefully extending it a bit. I “steal” time. That’s what I call it. I only ever steal from the guilty – myself. I have two children, a husband and I work full-time. I’m tired. I know […]

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