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Your Top Newborn Questions Answered-2

Your Top Newborn Questions Answered {by Dr. Christina Holmes of The Baton Rouge Clinic}

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy, and welcome to parenthood! Welcome to the world of baby smells (the good and the bad), baby snuggles, smiles, and sleepless nights. You will never be the same. It can be exciting and fulfilling, while being challenging and downright frightening at times. Newborns are special and depend on […]

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Inside Mommy’s Mind: Mental Health & Motherhood

Mental illness is such a tough topic to discuss- so much so that I’m not even exactly sure how to start this post. When people experience a physical ailment like diabetes or ALS, they are encouraged to share about their experiences openly and generally we flood them with support and understanding and encouragement. But struggles with […]

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I {actually} Like My Mother-in-Law

I realize I may be in the minority. Before you click out of this post, hear me out. My relationship with my mother-in-law (MIL) is far from perfect. In fact, when my husband and I were dating and newly married, my relationship with my MIL was a source of anxiety. I wanted to be the perfect daughter […]

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Let’s Trim the Fat {Choosing Kinder Words About Body Image}

I grew up in a family full of strong, opinionated, southern women of all shapes and sizes.  As a family, we all loved to gather together for holidays or special occasions over an abundant feast of deliciously prepared food, and then the next day all the ladies would begin their diets all over again only […]

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