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Oh, The Perks! {My Three Hours With ALG Style}

P.S. (and this P.S. totally goes at the beginning) This is a sponsored post. Services from ALG Style and all of the photos are courtesy of Quaint+Whim. Oh, The Perks! {My Three Hours With ALG Style} So, picture this: You get to live in a fairy tale for an evening; two fashion fairy godmothers come to your […]

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5 Things Moms with PPD Need You to Know

Having postpartum depression (PPD) is hard. I had it after the birth of both of my sons, and I still live with daily depression. And I’m not alone. According to the website Postpartum Progress, between 10 to 15% of women will experience a postpartum mood disorder, whether that be PPD, postpartum anxiety, postpartum OCD or […]

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SmileBox Photos :: Bringing Fun To The Party!

SmileBox Photos: Bringing Fun To The Party!   Who Are They? Josh and his wife Sara are local owners of the awesome SmileBox Photos here in the greater Baton Rouge area. They are passionate about making parties unforgettable, fun and interactive. SmileBox Photos is the ultimate party pic photographer for your event in the greater Baton Rouge area. They […]

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To the Kind Stranger :: Thank You

I had several expectations about what life would be like when my son was born — sleepless nights, thousands of diapers, sweet baby snuggles, a love like no other … the list could keep going. What I didn’t expect were bizarre/rude/unsolicited comments that strangers would make regarding my child and/or parenting. Comments from strangers often […]

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Introducing :: Baton Rouge Community Neighborhood Groups

Does it feel like none of your friends have children the same age as yours? Or have you been wanting to try the new indoor play space in your neighborhood but all of your friends with kids work? Are you a working mom who wants to arrange playdates for her children on the weekend, but […]

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Easy Birthday Parties with Painting and Pinot

Disclosure :: our friends at Painting and Pinot sponsored this post.  Easy Birthday Parties with Painting and Pinot Let’s start with a personal story. When I had my first daughter, I couldn’t wait to Pinterest the heck out of her 1st birthday party. After days of preparing homemade decorations, buying ridiculous little plastic cups for the […]

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