Passionate About Baton Rouge
and the Moms Who Live Here
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For the Mom in a Tough Season

Motherhood is hard enough without life throwing you a curve ball. When something unexpected happens, it can be hard to see past the chaos and you may lay your head down at night feeling defeated and discouraged and not enough. I know because I’ve been that mom, and I’ll be that mom again someday since life is full of […]

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My Daughter Is Not My “Mini-Me”

My four-year-old daughter Elliot and I have quite a few things “in common.” For instance, we both like shopping, wearing new shoes, going to gym meets, dancing, and singing Taylor Swift songs very loudly in the car. The things we enjoy together are 90% from what I have introduced to her. However, we have our differences. […]

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Let Them Fly

“Mama, can I go to Nanny’s house?” It’s a simple request from my seven-year-old. Her Nanny, my sister-in-law, lives in our neighborhood only three blocks away. Her cousins are also homeschooled, and a quick text to my sis-in-law confirms that they are finished with lessons for the day, and it’d be okay for her to […]

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