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Silence (on Facebook) Is Not Necessarily Consent

I’ve seen a number of people on my Facebook feed express the sentiment “Silence is consent” regarding the recent events in Charlottesville. And while I do agree, that standing by the side, being silent is consent, I’m not so sure I agree that it applies to Facebook. Here’s why. Years ago, I posted on political issues […]

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The Battle of Bedtime

It’s a nightly battle that wages on. One that has been fought for countless months with no end in sight. Just when it seems like we’ve found a solution to their tactics and victory may be near, they come back with a whole new strategy, keeping us on our toes. It’s the Battle of Bedtime, […]

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Dear Parents :: Respond with Love

After this week’s events in Charlottesville, Virginia, I began to process what I could do. Being a white woman married to an African American man and raising our children in South Louisiana, race is always part of our life. Immediately, I began thinking that my reactions needed to start at home, as a parent. Dear […]

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Stop Encouraging Subjectivity

Stop Encouraging Subjectivity Alright, I know I’m probably about to ruffle some feathers here, but I just had a pretty common parenting situation that I realized had far more significant repercussions than the isolated incident. It hit me so hard that I literally stopped my morning routine to collect my thoughts about it. Here’s the […]

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