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Vote Like A Mom

It’s almost here, Moms! The end of election season is FINALLY upon us. We just have one more important thing to do: VOTE! There are plenty of important issues on the ballot in Louisiana this year in addition to selecting our next president. But, mom life is busy, and it’s hard to find time to […]

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I’m Political on Facebook

Yep. I’m that Facebook friend. The one who leaves nothing to the digital imagination when it comes to her political beliefs. You probably either love me or hate me. Maybe you’ve even blocked me or unfriended me. That’s a chance I’m willing to take. Growing up, I was the kid who watched Dateline instead of cartoons. […]

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Go On and Grow

“Slow down time!” I see posts like this accompanying pictures of my friends’ growing children flooding my timeline daily. I think there is an unwritten rule that we should all wish our kids to stay little. But as someone who seems to always be breaking every rule of parenting, I have decided that I’m just fine […]

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Don’t Read the Comments

WARNING: The comments section is rated Internet-MA and may cause heartbreak and/or loss of faith in humanity. If you hang around on social media as much as I do, you’ve likely heard the phrase, “Don’t read the comments.” The comments section is most definitely the train wreck of the internet. Despite the very best of […]

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We Are The Helpers

We Are The Helpers When disaster strikes, we see the true humanity of the people around us. It is our natural desire to want to help those in need. And all of us play different roles and help in different ways. All of those roles are important and necessary on the long road to recovery. […]

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Giving Grace

As I came to a stop under the overpass, I saw him. His sign read something like “Everybody needs a little help sometimes.” I pulled out the only dollar bill I had and rolled down the window. He walked over and introduced himself. He told me that he slept over there in the grass if […]

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I Don’t Have Time to Read

I love to read. Deep in my soul. I’ve been known to stay up all night because I can’t find a stopping point in a book (the end is the only stopping point!). I’ve also been known to go into a short term funk after finishing a great book or series.  Serious readers will understand […]

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