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Goodbye, Diapers!

Dear Diapers, After 5 years, 5 months and 30 days of changing you (yes, I’ve been counting) you are finally, finally out of my house for good. Wooooooo hoooooo!! I have had a love/hate relationship with you from the beginning. When you first came into my home half a decade ago, you were in the […]

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I'll Never Have

I’ll Never Have a Daughter

I’m a mom to 5-year-old and 2-year-old boys and a stepmom to 15-year-old and 13-year-old boys. Yep, that’s right. I live in a big ole house of testosterone. My husband and I are done having babies. He’s had a vasectomy, and that ship has sailed far, far away. Most days, I’m fine with our decision […]

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New Baton Rouge Moms Group is Perfect for Working Moms

Being a working mom can feel isolating. You want to connect with local moms with kids the same age as yours, but it seems that all the moms groups and playdates take place on weekdays somewhere between 9:ooam and 5:00pm. So all the joyous mommy-get-togetherness is occurring when you’re working. Not anymore, Baton Rouge moms! Istrouma Baptist Church, […]

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A Santa-Free Home

Thanksgiving is over, and Christmas is here! Our tree is up, our boys (5 and 3) already got an early Christmas present (a new outdoor play set) and they’re watching Christmas movies. The season is all around. And now, at least for families like mine, comes the seasonal question that I must decide upon: should […]

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3 Lessons We Taught Our Kindergartner About the 2016 Presidential Election

About a week ago, before the 2016 Presidential election, my kindergartner came home one day and announced that his class had held a vote. “We voted for our favorite cookie,” he said proudly. “We voted for chocolate chip or Oreos. I voted for chocolate chip, and we won!” He was really, really excited that the cookie […]

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