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Oh, The Perks! {My Three Hours With ALG Style}

P.S. (and this P.S. totally goes at the beginning) This is a sponsored post. Services from ALG Style and all of the photos are courtesy of Quaint+Whim. Oh, The Perks! {My Three Hours With ALG Style} So, picture this: You get to live in a fairy tale for an evening; two fashion fairy godmothers come to your […]

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I Don’t Want to be an Over-Protective Mother

  In a recent discussion with an acquaintance about irrational fear (of storms), we were trying to suss out the root of her issue. The conversation turned light and funny when we both playfully poked fun at her ideas of what could happen. We were laughing at some of the ridiculousness and among that admitted cause for […]

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I’m Not a Housewife, But I AM Real

“I’m not a housewife, but I AM real.” If you know Bethenny said that, then we can be best friends – well not best friends, but we can totally hang out. In the dark – so no one can see us while we watch our SHOWS. I like The Real Housewives. Not in a super-proud-fan-girl-sort-of way […]

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Bedtime Routine For the Win

I’m pretty sure our bedtime routine saved my life. I like to be melodramatic when I think I can get a laugh, but it’s true. Our routine has been super great for the kids and all, but I feel like I’ve been the major benefactor since its inception. I don’t dread bedtime. (I look forward to […]

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