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I’ve been inspired. I had a conversation with my friend, Adriana. She’s a mom and a photographer. The first time we met, we talked about our children. That conversation evolved into one about pictures of our children and pictures of us, as mothers. I’d like to think that our conversation helped to inspire her totally […]

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On Losing Our Freedom {Starting Kindergarten}

My oldest starts kindergarten in just a few weeks. I’ve started thinking things like, “But the time goes so fast!”, “I can’t believe she’s so big!” and “But she was JUST a baby!” It’s a predictable refrain with each milestone we encounter. I think I’m having typical and appropriate feelings about my child starting school. […]

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I’m a Thief

I’m a thief. It’s 11:47pm on Sunday night and I’m settling in to write. The weekend is over and I’m purposefully extending it a bit. I “steal” time. That’s what I call it. I only ever steal from the guilty – myself. I have two children, a husband and I work full-time. I’m tired. I know […]

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I Will Not Drive That Minivan. I Cannot Drive It, Man-o-Man.

–       “So, what will it take?” –       “I don’t know.” –       “Okay. How about this? What if you got one for free? What if someone just gave you one?” –       “That’s easy. I’d sell it and get something else.” –       “What if you couldn’t sell it? What if those were the terms? What if you […]

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