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On Losing Our Freedom {Starting Kindergarten}

My oldest starts kindergarten in just a few weeks. I’ve started thinking things like, “But the time goes so fast!”, “I can’t believe she’s so big!” and “But she was JUST a baby!” It’s a predictable refrain with each milestone we encounter. I think I’m having typical and appropriate feelings about my child starting school. […]

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I’m a Thief

I’m a thief. It’s 11:47pm on Sunday night and I’m settling in to write. The weekend is over and I’m purposefully extending it a bit. I “steal” time. That’s what I call it. I only ever steal from the guilty – myself. I have two children, a husband and I work full-time. I’m tired. I know […]

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I Will Not Drive That Minivan. I Cannot Drive It, Man-o-Man.

–       “So, what will it take?” –       “I don’t know.” –       “Okay. How about this? What if you got one for free? What if someone just gave you one?” –       “That’s easy. I’d sell it and get something else.” –       “What if you couldn’t sell it? What if those were the terms? What if you […]

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