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Why It’s Worth the Trip to New Orleans to Go to Celebration in the Oaks

I’ve lived in Baton Rouge my entire life and have somehow managed not to make it to Celebration in the Oaks until this year. While I am positive I would have enjoyed it in years past because I love Christmas, it really was something special with little ones. Here’s why you should make the trip to NOLA […]

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Hit Pause

I Need to Press Pause This Thanksgiving

I love Christmas. I love decorating my tree, buying and wrapping Christmas gifts, and the number of traditions that mean so much to my family. Retailers have been offering Christmas products since before Halloween (we literally saw the days until Christmas sign at Wal-Mart on Halloween while the workers were passing out candy!). It seems like […]

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Dear Sleep

Dear Sleep, It’s Not You. It’s Me.

 Dear Sleep,   It’s not you. It’s me.    We’ve been trying to make it work. Squeezing in little micro-naps here and there and spending what little time together we can at night after the kids have gone to bed, only for our stolen time to be interrupted by a crying babe or a toddler […]

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Kids {Make Us} Say the Darndest Things!

There was a time in my life when I used to say things that made some sort of sense – a time, pre-children when I could finish a thought uninterrupted and not stop mid-thought to tell my child to get something OUT OF YOUR MOUTH RIGHT NOW. I realize that a lot of the things […]

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