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My Baby is Leaving

“Can I just keep you forever?” It’s a question that I ask my 3-year-old often, and it’s always followed by a sweet, “Of course you can! I’m your daughter!” But not this day. This typical, playful, normal morning, I asked our 8-month old my question. “Can I just keep you forever?” And the toddler responded, […]

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When Strangers Get BOLD

I truly believe that most people mean well, I really do. Unfortunately, too many people speak before they think. Today, a stranger at the grocery store (grocery stores make people BOLD, y’all!) was talking with my sweet baby and telling me how beautiful she is (because she is, of course!). But then as we walked […]

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When Expectations Fail

Expectations are the downfall of my heart. I try not to have them and to just go with the flow, but sometimes, it’s impossible not to have them. Whether it’s expectations of what marriage will be like, or what a job will entail; how your friendships will grow, or, in our case, how our family […]

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Costco: Why you HAVE to try it! {A Costco Mom Hour Event}

Last Summer, Costco opened here in Baton Rouge. Costco is a membership warehouse club, known for its great service, organic options, and low prices. Stacy and Sara both love Costco, but for different reasons. Stacy shops Costco weekly and almost exclusively, while Sara makes a monthly trip to stock up on items she can’t find […]

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Loving a Child I Have to Share

It’s midnight. I am sitting on the floor next to the bed of a child who is terrified. We got a call that this child needs a place to stay while her family gets some help, so she’s living with us for a while… or forever… or maybe just another night. This child has done […]

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