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Bye, bye lady business!

Saying Goodbye to Biological Motherhood

My journey to (biological) motherhood was anything but text book easy. It took about eight months to get pregnant. Once pregnant, I carried eight pounds of EXTRA amniotic fluid. I had back labor. The epidural didn’t touch my labor pains. And after hours of pushing, I was rushed off for an urgent C-section. I spent […]

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Why We Chose Attorney Placement for Our Adoption

We all have dreams about how our lives will play out and what our future family will look like. When my husband and I unexpectedly had a medically fragile child, life suddenly didn’t look like anything we dreamed about. We faced infertility and miscarriages, and we were no longer sure what our family journey would […]

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2016 Red Stick Mom of the Year :: Nominate YOUR Favorite Mom of the Year

2016 Red Stick Mom of the Year As our loyal readers know, Red Stick Moms Blog was started as a way to connect moms in Baton Rouge as well as support local businesses. We all know that motherhood is hard, and our goal is to celebrate moms all year long. However, with Mother’s Day upon us, we […]

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When Expectations Fail

Expectations are the downfall of my heart. I try not to have them and to just go with the flow, but sometimes, it’s impossible not to have them. Whether it’s expectations of what marriage will be like, or what a job will entail; how your friendships will grow, or, in our case, how our family […]

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Stay Out of My Uterus

When we decided to become foster parents a few years ago we never imagined that the first child placed with us would become available for adoption. We actually really hoped that he wouldn’t become available for adoption because that would mean something really terrible happened in his family of origin that prevented them from parenting. […]

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Loving a Child I Have to Share

It’s midnight. I am sitting on the floor next to the bed of a child who is terrified. We got a call that this child needs a place to stay while her family gets some help, so she’s living with us for a while… or forever… or maybe just another night. This child has done […]

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