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The Gift Closet

I’m about to let you all in on a little secret. I learned it from my mama. This secret has the potential to change your life. Or at least your gift giving routines. If your child has received a gift from my family in the past 10 years, it has come from my a stash […]

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Our Top 10 Posts in 2015

Wow, 2016 is fast-approaching!  We certainly plan on enjoying every moment during these last few weeks of the year, but we wanted to take some time to reflect on 2015 and see what YOU have loved most right here on the blog.  Our passion continues to be connecting moms in the Baton Rouge community and beyond. […]

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Chalk Paint for Slackers

Other possible titles for this blog post included Chalk Paint for Beginners or Chalk Paint for Preggo in the Third Trimester…all three descriptors accurately reflect me at the present time, however I’m pretty much always a slacker when it comes to DIY projects. Which is why Chalk Paint has always been so appealing. Ever since a […]

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Beware: The Innocent Bell Pepper

A few years ago, we bought some bell pepper plants. “It’ll be fun for the kids,” we said. We created a circular garden in the side yard for these plants, and we fell. Hard. For suburban homesteading. Five years later as you look down the row of backyards through the chain link fences on our […]

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