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A Santa-Free Home

Thanksgiving is over, and Christmas is here! Our tree is up, our boys (5 and 3) already got an early Christmas present (a new outdoor play set) and they’re watching Christmas movies. The season is all around. And now, at least for families like mine, comes the seasonal question that I must decide upon: should […]

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I Can’t S-P-E-L-L Anymore

If you’re a parent you know the lingo. You know, that weird language where we stop mid-sentence to spell choice words we don’t want our children to understand. Over the past few years my husband and I have gotten so proficient at speaking this code that we can even understand the context of a conversation […]

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Protesting and Parenting

You probably recall a few months ago when San Francisco 49er’s football player Colin Kaepernick dominated the news. Not for his performance, but for his very visible stance against racism and police brutality by sitting/kneeling during the National Anthem. And, as recently as yesterday he has been back in the news with his decision not […]

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3 Lessons We Taught Our Kindergartner About the 2016 Presidential Election

About a week ago, before the 2016 Presidential election, my kindergartner came home one day and announced that his class had held a vote. “We voted for our favorite cookie,” he said proudly. “We voted for chocolate chip or Oreos. I voted for chocolate chip, and we won!” He was really, really excited that the cookie […]

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