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The Doll Kind :: Becoming a Momprenuer and Creating a Business for Social Good

Last July a series of events led me to co-found a children’s company, The Doll Kind. As any entrepreneur will confirm, launching a startup is super challenging, takes more hours in a week than are available, requires focus you didn’t know you had, and a slight obsession with what you are creating. Add small children to […]

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Swimming Safely: A Gift for Life {Crawfish Aquatics Swim Lessons}

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Crawfish Aquatics, which offers year-round swimming instruction for students of all ages. “It happened so fast,” a reflecting mom said to me. “One minute we are all outside in the yard playing. Then I decided to run inside to turn the oven on and got distracted sorting some mail. […]

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Help! Does My Child Have ADHD? {By Pam Shriver, PNP}

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Children’s Hospital Pediatrics of Baton Rouge. ADHD affects up to 12% of school age children and is 3 times more likely to affect boys than girls. Researchers believe that children with ADHD have abnormally low levels and imbalances of certain neurotransmitters, the chemicals that carry messages between brain cells. […]

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11 Tips to Help Your Child Prevent Cavities {by Dr. Brynn Leroux of AIPD}

Protecting your child’s teeth from cavities can be as easy as following a few simple recommendations.  If we’re successful at instilling good behavior early in life, those habits will provide them with a healthy mouth that will keep them smiling indefinitely. Dental caries (cavities) is a chronic, infectious, transmissible disease resulting from tooth-adherent specific bacteria, […]

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Your Top Newborn Questions Answered-2

Your Top Newborn Questions Answered {by Dr. Christina Holmes of The Baton Rouge Clinic}

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy, and welcome to parenthood! Welcome to the world of baby smells (the good and the bad), baby snuggles, smiles, and sleepless nights. You will never be the same. It can be exciting and fulfilling, while being challenging and downright frightening at times. Newborns are special and depend on […]

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