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Mommy Can I Help? :: Sacrificing Efficiency for Teachable Moments

“Mommy can I help?” These are the words I hear from my three-year-old almost daily. As preschoolers, they always want to help. But “help” is a loose interpretation isn’t it? When a little person tries to pour her own drink or help fold the clothes, help is the last thing it feels like. At best, […]

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Separate Roles, Equal Partnership {How Things Work Around Here Part 2}

Any given day this mama is responsible for grocery shopping, laundry, dishes, cooking, dusting, vacuuming, bathrooms, and all the scrubbing in the whole house. Throw in homeschool lessons and chauffeuring two kiddos around town to all the activities under the sun, and you have one busy mama! Recently I wrote a blog post with a […]

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The Woes of Selling a House with a Toddler

The Woes of Selling a House with a Toddler There’s no sugar-coating it; moving is terrible. It’s hard work, it’s emotional, and our family always has WAY more stuff than we think we do. My husband and I have stopped saying things to each other like, “It won’t be that bad,” because it’s just not […]

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