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Kids {Make Us} Say the Darndest Things!

There was a time in my life when I used to say things that made some sort of sense – a time, pre-children when I could finish a thought uninterrupted and not stop mid-thought to tell my child to get something OUT OF YOUR MOUTH RIGHT NOW. I realize that a lot of the things […]

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What a Divorced Mom Wants You to Know

“People just don’t try anymore.” That phrase burns when it hits my ears. Have you heard it before? It usually follows the news of a married couple splitting up. I get the thought process when you hear the news of a separation after 72 days :: side eye:: but there’s more to it than that. Me […]

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RSMB_Nutcracker Auditions

Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre’s Nutcracker {One Mom’s Experience}

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by the Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre. Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre’s Nutcracker {One Mom’s Experience} In December of 1991, we took our then 2-year-old daughter, Whitney, to see our first-ever production of Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre’s Nutcracker, a Tale from the Bayou. Intently, she watched as Clara’s enchanted dream unfolded before […]

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