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I LOVE My Minivan

I LOVE my minivan! It may not make me look like the hippest mom in town, but when I’m behind its wheel I’m definitely one of the happiest. To me, my minivan represents so much more than just a vehicle. It symbolizes our season of life and our focus on family. I’m a mommy chauffeur […]

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My Top 5 Adult

My Top 5 Summer Reading Picks (For Moms!)

So, it’s the summer, and you want a new book to read.  Maybe you’re headed to the beach and you are imagining some quality reading time in between watching the kids and building sandcastles.  Maybe you are wanting a new literary journey during naptime.  Maybe you’re nursing at midnight and three in the morning and […]

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I Will Not Drive That Minivan. I Cannot Drive It, Man-o-Man.

–       “So, what will it take?” –       “I don’t know.” –       “Okay. How about this? What if you got one for free? What if someone just gave you one?” –       “That’s easy. I’d sell it and get something else.” –       “What if you couldn’t sell it? What if those were the terms? What if you […]

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