I’m a Compulsive Crier

They say you’re not supposed to cry at work (by the way, who is they? I don’t know either). Apparently it’s unprofessional and according to Sex and the City, you don’t want to be known as the “woman who cries.” I have absolutely no control in the matter. I am a compulsive crier.  Oh it was […]

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Don’t Miss Sodapalooza 2017 at RaceTrac

Disclosure ::: This is a post sponsored by RaceTrac. Don’t Miss Sodapalooza 2017 at RaceTrac Hey Mamas, in case y’all hadn’t heard, school is out and summer if officially here! Spoiler alert: it’s hot outside. And chances are, you’re going to be running the roads even more so than normal between shuffling the kids around […]

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There's just so much pink in one picture.

Tomboy Raising a Girly-Girl

The first color she recognized was “pink!” She squeals over dresses. Her favorite toy is her pretend make-up kit. She’s vain about her painted fingernails and insists you look at her toes, as well. She’s a girly-girl, and I have no idea what to do with her. Because I’m a tomboy. And I’m her mom.  […]

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