I Wish I Had Known {Creating Awareness of Crohn’s Disease via Understanding}

The text read: “Mom, there’s blood. A lot.” After reading my 18-year-old son’s text, I called a specialty gastroenterology clinic. After giving the scheduling desk my son’s symptoms and birthdate, we had an appointment the next day. A next-day appointment for a new patient with a specialist? Sound the mom alarm bells. The doctor visit […]

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Mom’s Guide to April {Baton Rouge Family-Friendly Events}

April is here, so bring on all the Spring and Easter festivities! Soak up the sun during one of the many outdoor activities or head into the cool indoors for other ways to have fun. We have gathered our favorite family-friendly events in the Baton Rouge area this month and featured them here in the monthly guide. Red Stick Moms Blog maintains a […]

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Easter Egg Hunt Recap and Thank You to All of Our Sponsors

Easter Egg Hunt 2017 Recap and Thank You to All of Our Sponsors Disclosure :: our first Easter Egg Hunt was sponsored by a group of wonderful community partners. IDEA Public Schools, Sherman and Balhoff Orthodontics, East Baton Rouge Parish Library and BREC made this successful event possible. We are so appreciative of the time and effort that was […]

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Farr Park Stick Horse Rodeo

Disclosure :: our friends and partners at BREC sponsored this post. Farr Park Stick Horse Rodeo Rides Back into Town! BREC’s Farr Park Equestrian Center, 6402 River Road, hosts its annual Stick Horse Rodeo on Saturday, April 8. Event registration begins at 9:00am and competition will be held from 10:00am – Noon. Children, ages 2-7, are […]

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My Baby is Leaving

“Can I just keep you forever?” It’s a question that I ask my 3-year-old often, and it’s always followed by a sweet, “Of course you can! I’m your daughter!” But not this day. This typical, playful, normal morning, I asked our 8-month old my question. “Can I just keep you forever?” And the toddler responded, […]

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