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2018 Red Stick Mom of the Year :: Nominate YOUR Favorite Mom of the Year Today!

2018 Red Stick Mom of the Year Red Stick Moms Blog was started as a way to connect moms in Baton Rouge as well as support local businesses. We all know that motherhood is hard, and our goal is to celebrate moms all year long. However, with Mother’s Day upon us, we want to take this time […]

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Why Moms Blog

Blogging has become a phenomenon over the last decade, gaining mega steam with the addition of social media. Everyone can name at least one person on their friend list who has taken on this endeavor. Now that I have become completely immersed in the blog world, I think I might have stumbled upon some reasons […]

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Privacy Please!

Growing up, my mom had a pretty standard routine after she got home from work. She would greet us if she didn’t pick us up from school and then go to the bathroom and stay there for what seemed like forever. We were not allowed to bother her at all unless it was an emergency. […]

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A Letter to My Son :: You’re a Teenager

Dear Micah, I feel like you have anxiously been awaiting this day for months now, but your dad and I have looked at it teary-eyed. You see, we all grew up together. The past 13 years, I have learned what it is like to love someone so much it hurts. I have learned that parents […]

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Whole30 :: More Than Just a Diet

Exactly one month ago, I started on my Whole30 journey. The beginning of this year was pretty rough for my family and myself. In the span of a week, I lost my mother, my uncle, and we moved into our new house. It was devastating and stressful to say the least. The lack of routine, […]

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