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Mr. Henry Goes to the Dentist

The dentist. I grew up LOVING the dentist. Always in the no cavity club. Always enjoyed the new toothbrush and tiny toothpastes. Dr. Moses was my dentist growing up in Lake Charles, and I looked forward to those 6 month check ins for YEARS! Truth be told, I saw him through college as well!! Then, […]

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When Someone Else’s Child Has Food Allergies :: Being a Supportive Friend and Family Member

A few weeks ago, my nephew Rand developed a peanut allergy seemingly overnight. He had eaten peanut butter on numerous occasions before, but that day, he experienced an anaphylactic reaction within minutes. When it was confirmed that it was, in fact, a severe allergy to peanuts, my sister and I began discussing some of the […]

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Prenatal Dental Info

What You Need to Know about Dental Health in Pregnancy

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Bencaz Family Dentistry.  What You Need to Know about Dental Health in Pregnancy Congrats you are growing toes in that belly of yours. Pregnancy is an exciting time and also full of a lot of unknowns. As moms we know there are plenty of things to worry about […]

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Sprinting to Life Lessons

Sometimes I feel like my husband and I are in a mad dash to teach our children important life lessons and values. And, by the way, I am not a good runner. I’m constantly trying to throw in bits of wisdom during teachable moments, but so often, I feel like I’m falling short. If there […]

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CHNOLA headache

Kids Get Migraines Too :: Treatment and Prevention Tips from Children’s Hospital

Disclosure :: this post is sponsored by Children’s Hospital. Headache is one of the most common complaints encountered in medicine. It is estimated that over the course of a year 50 – 75 percent of adults will experience a headache with 30 percent of those patients having a headache consistent with migraine. But headaches are […]

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The Bath Time Struggle

Imagine saying once “go take your bath” and then immediately after, imagine your children marching to the bathtub like soldiers. Cleaning behind their ears without even being told. Now imagine unicorns, dancing fairies, and a lot of other things that you will never experience in your lifetime. For me, bath time is a struggle. My […]

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