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How To Talk To Your Kids About Having Classmates With Special Needs

My friend recently told me her daughter has been going home lately complaining about a girl in her class who has learning disabilities. Her daughter gets home and unleashes a vast amount of negative emotions due to all the pent up frustrations she has throughout the school day concerning her workload. But more specifically there’s […]

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Toddler Led Potty Training {Part 2}

Oh hi, welcome back to potty training the sequel. If this is your first time here, you should check out part one first. If you’ve made it this far, you deserve an award or hot coffee or something. As I’m sure you know, potty training is not something to take lightly. So I’m proud of […]

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What I Learned the First Day of School

I was raised under the old school parenting style – parent commands and child understands. Even if the child doesn’t actually understand, they have to obey because the parent said so. As I started having children, I merged the old school parenting style with one that I tried to create. I try to explain the […]

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Hard, Fast Thoughts as a Step-Mom

My step-daughter called me a witch. Technically, I wasn’t called a witch to my face, it was in a notebook that was a makeshift journal. I didn’t mean to read it. It was an honest mistake. I walked into my step-child’s room and saw a spiral notebook on the desk. I thought it was for […]

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Saying YES More

I am an introvert. More specifically, I am an introvert who shuns most human interaction that does not come in the form of my children, husband or a drive-thru barista. People are just not “my thing.” Forget about girls’ nights out and inviting me to a social gathering. For a long time, I would rather […]

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Father Teaching Son How To Play Basketball On Driveway At Home

The Power of Pause

Disclosure :: this post is sponsored by Children’s Hospital of New Orleans. The Power of Pause In today’s world, with a heightened awareness on safety, in critical situations multiple pauses have been put in place to make sure things are done correctly. On assembly lines, operators are empowered to hit the stop button whenever they […]

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just wait

I Hate “Just Wait…!”

From the moment we found out we were pregnant with our first, my husband and I were elated! We couldn’t wait to share our exciting news. I even remember complaining that I wasn’t showing yet — I wanted the world to know and share in our excitement. Nine months felt like an eternity. I was […]

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