2017 Red Stick Mom of the Year Finalists

2017 Red Stick Mom of the Year Finalists

We received some amazing nominees for our second annual Red Stick Mom of the Year campaign … nominated by husbands, fiancés, daughters, sons, sisters, and friends … all who have made a difference in the lives of others and who motivate and inspire those around them. Selecting the top finalists from all of the nominations proved to be a very difficult task.

A team of objective judges will determine the Red Stick Mom of the Year from the finalists below, and the winner will be announced on Sunday, May 7th!

2017 Red Stick Mom of the Year Finalists

Top 10 Finalists

Katie Foret

{Nominated by :: Jada Bruce} Katie is a mom to 3 beautiful children. When she was pregnant with her youngest daughter, Gia, her sister was killed in a tragic plane crash leaving behind two children – Smith and Addie. Without hesitation, she adopted her sisters children, and has raised them as her own. She is also the wife to a LEO, works in the NICU at Woman’s Hospital, and is a fitness instructor! She’s definitely one of those moms that make you say “I don’t know how she does it.” She’s a beautiful person inside and out and is most deserving of this beautiful honor.

Andrea Stick 

{Nominated by :: Jessica Madere} My mom works so hard for her kids, and their friends. She took in friends when their families were not taking care of them when we were young. She watches my child during the week to save me on daycare. She will do anything for my brother and I, and anyone she meets. She and my dad flooded in August, and she is still struggling with contractors to get her home back. The stress of dealing with no show contractors, things getting broken, and still taking care of us, gets to her some days. I would love for her to get this award and give her the pick-me-up she needs to get through the rest of this rebuilding process. She is so humble, asks for little, and does a lot. She deserves to be recognized on a bigger scale than normal. My friends and I always make sure to thank her for all she does, but this would just be amazing for her! Please, please, consider her. She deserves the recognition that I alone can’t give her.

Brandi Wheat

{Nominated by :: Ashley Hawthorne} I have never known a more loving and kind mom than Brandi Wheat. She selflessly gives of herself to care for her three children, support her husband, and even extended family. Brandi’s daughter has albanism and a vision impairment. She champions this little lady with grace. I admire deeply how she has taught Emma to be confident despite this uniqueness. If Brandi is not teaching in her classroom, she’s fixing a meal for someone who is sick or volunteering to help her community excel. She is often found at the ball field cheering on her rising baseball stars! Everyone who knows Brandi, knows she is a superhero.

Leslie Gamino

{Nominated by :: Brittany Reid} Where do I start. She is the Mother of 4 kids. Her last two kids that were born in 2014 were twin girls. They were born early which caused complications with them both and they stayed in NICU for a long time. After 8 months of fighting Hannah passed away. The other twin Isabella had a small brain bleed at birth which ultimately resulted in her having Celebral Palsy. Leslie does eveeything in her power to make sure Isabella gets the best therapy possible. She’s in therapy 2-4 times a week and even traveling an hour to try out a new therapy that will cost a lot but she wants to give her every chance she can. So she’s making shirts to help raise money for it. She does all this while still making sure her two other children get to and from school, baseball practice, cheer practice, get their homework done and get the love and attention they need. I don’t know how she does it some days but she always does. She’s a great Mother and I’m lucky to call her my best friend.

Janet Craft

{Nominated by :: Lauren Williams} 500 words is not enough. My mother is the definition of love and selflessness. She sacrificed everything she had to provide my sister and I with the best start to life. Raising us while my father worked to provide for 4 people. She very recently quit her job to stay home and help to care for my medically fragile son while my husband and I work full-time. Helping us to bring him to appointments and therapy, as well as assisting us in paying for early steps to give him the best start to life, as well. She also serves as an advocate on anencephaly boards to help other families whose children have been diagnosed, after having a stillborn of her own. She never does anything for herself and she deserves something like this. Something I wish I could give her that we no longer have the money to provide. Our family wouldn’t be where we are today if not for her. While she never had to chance to make a historical impact on the community, moms like her need to be recognized. Behind the scenes, helping where they can. And being OUTSTANDING while doing it.

Amanda Tucker

{Nominated by :: Layci LeBlanc} Amanda is my sister in law, she has three beautiful girls 5, 3, and 1 and is pregnant with baby number 4. She and her husband are very hard working people who treat themselves to NOTHING as they live a very simple but fun life. They are church members in their community and just recently got back from a trip to Mexico volunteering at an orphanage (with their girls). Amanda is a beautiful person both inside and out and when she isn’t working at her job (as a nurse) she is a very busy mom always doing fun activities with her girls. She deserves this and more and I truly hope she gets to treat herself this Mother’s Day! Thank you for considering her.

Rachel Stallworth

{Nominated by :: Laura LeBouef} Rachel is my daughter’s first grade teacher at Westdale Heights. In addition to the 23 kids in her charge every day, she has 4 girls of her own, ranging from 3 to 11 years old. She is a phenomenal teacher. But her gifts reach far beyond that. My kid has ADHD. Rachel has worked so closely with my family all year, including nearly constant text messages, emails, and pictures during the day; Rachel knows I worry about my daughter not eating during the day due to her medication, so often sends me pictures from the lunchroom of her eating. She does this sort of thing for ALL children in her path. She does little girls’ hair in elaborate styles if she knows they are having difficulty at home or if she thinks they just need to feel a little more special that day. She runs the extended day program and THEN a free fitness class after hours 3 nights a week. All are welcome. I have never met a real-life hero before. Now I have. She is a magnificent force of nature. My entire family is better for knowing her.

Karen Songe

{Nominated by :: Danielle S. Meador} A mother is one who loves her children unconditionally and paves the way for future generations through being an impactful role model, and I am proud and fortunate to say that my mom Karen Songe exemplifies these attributes. One of my mom’s greatest accomplishments is being a very involved and supportive grandmother even while re-building her own life. Despite losing her home and everything materialistic in Katrina and being flooded again and having to re-build her home from The Great Flood of 2016, she has still been a remarkable mother and grandmother. Every weekday morning before the sun comes all the way up, my mom starts watching both of my children (4 years old and 8 month old) while my husband and I go to work. Each day my mom sacrifices her “free time” to provide irreplaceable time with my children. Because of my mom, my children have never had to go to a day care, even while she struggled to coordinate many jobs with contractors to re-build her home. I know my children have benefited from this time with her as they are able to grow up in a very loving environment and get priceless one on one attention. I too have benefited tremendously from her selflessness as I am able to go to work with no concerns about my children’s well-being because I know how good of hands they are in.

My mom Karen Songe not only deserves to win Mother of the Year for 2017 she has always deserved this honor since the day I was born. As a child, my mom was always there for both me and my sister and was always selfless. My mom adapted to our interests; for example, she had never been to a soccer game before, but when we became interested she quickly took on the role as a soccer mom. She made countless sacrifices throughout our years growing up. Instead of pampering herself, my mom provided financial support and more importantly support by being there for me, which allowed me to excel in scholastics and eventually get my PhD in Chemistry without ever having to take out a loan for school.
In addition to the difference she has made in my life, she has also been a vital part of the community. Most recently, my mom has volunteered her time to work at St. Mark’s Catholic Church Fair. Not only have these examples shown her many characteristics of being a loving, kind-hearted mother and grandmother, they also show how great a role model my mom is. My mom’s dedication to her family and community gives encouragement to other mothers that no matter what life brings, be it hurricanes, floods, or other trials and tribulations you can always be a strong woman and wonderful and impactful mother. I love my mom; God has definitely blessed me to have Karen Songe, mother of ALL years, as my mom!

Macy Garrane

{Nominated by :: Rachel Leger} Macey deserves to be Mom of the Year, because not only is she a wonderful person inside and out, she’s also a fabulous single mom. I don’t see how she does it! She became a mommy in 2014. The father isn’t in the picture anymore, he broke her heart in more ways than one. She didn’t deserve the pain he caused her, no one does. She picked herself up and pulled herself together after many tears were shed and she felt she couldn’t go on. She did it for Emmalee. She has become such a strong, independent mama. I look up to her a lot. She is so strong and brave. Macey would do anything and everything possible to make sure her beautiful daughter, Emmalee has everything she needs. She is raising such a sweet, beautiful little lady! I think Macey definitely deserves to be 2017 Red Stick Mom of the Year!

Sheila Guthrie

{Nominated by :: Carson Guthrie} My mom should win mom of the year because we have been through so much since losing our home in the flood in August, it was so scary to wake up to the water in our house and my mom was so scared to find my twin brother and sister almost under water in their cribs. She was so scared her self but made sure to stay strong for us and take care of us. I helped too and it felt good. We were not able to go back to our house after the flood and that made us sad but my mom made sure we were happy and made that best of it. We had to move to a new town and right away my mom made our new house feel like a home. I’m only 11 but I know my mom would do anything for us.

Not only will the winner be crowned the 2017 Red Stick Mom of the Year, but she will also win the fabulous prize package giveaway valued over $450 including …

The winner will be announced on Sunday, May 7th!

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