2018 Best Red Stick Dad Finalists!

2018 Best Red Stick Dad Finalists

We received some amazing nominees for our annual Best Red Stick Dad campaign … nominated by wives, fiancés, daughters, sons, sisters, and friends … all who have made a difference in the lives of others and who motivate and inspire those around them. It was a very difficult task, and we really wish we could name everyone nominated Best Red Stick Dad, but we were finally able to narrow the nominations down to the top 10 finalists.

A team of objective judges will determine the Best Red Stick Dad from the finalists below, and the winner will be announced on Sunday, June 10th!


Top 10 Finalists

Phil Verpil

{Nominated by :: Erin Verpil} Phil is such a great dad and is the most patient and loving person. He is currently working on his dissertation for his doctorate in Educational Leadership and works at LSU as the Assistant Dean of Recruitment and Diversity for the School of Music and Dramatic Arts. Even with all of this responsibility and these time commitments, he still always makes time for his family. He’s never missed a bath time or a bedtime for our son, unless he’s out traveling for work.

When our son was seeing Occupational and Physical Therapists, Phil was up every morning working with him on all the at-home therapy exercises so that he could help him improve. And now that our son is showing an interest in sports, Phil is in the back yard with him as much as possible kicking a ball around, showing him how to hold the bat, working on wrestling moves and helping him make a basket.

Phil likes to do dishes (!) and is always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone who is in need. He has been a big advocate for his mother, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease two years ago, in getting her the best possible treatment and care. His devotion to his family and the students he works with is unwavering and he just genuinely wants to do what is right.

Phil always puts everyone else first and has an impressive ability to only sleep about 5 hours per night, so he is always on the go and working on something! He is the best listener and is always in our corner rooting us on in our own endeavors. And he is truly one of the most humble and grateful people I have ever met.

He’s the breakfast maker, the dog washer, the Neosporin applier, the grass cutter, the Hot Wheel racer, the train track maker, the dish washer and the best dad and husband we could ever ask for. This would be such a fun surprise for him – so please consider choosing Phil as the Best Red Stick Dad! Thank you!

Brandon Stevens

{Nominated by :: Amanda Stevens} My husband is a former Marine and current police officer/Air fire rescue at the Baton Rouge Airport. He works 12 hour shifts on a rotating schedule but is NEVER too tired to care for our 2 and a half year old daughter who does not attend daycare. He often gets home at 530 am and is up by 8 am to tend to her until I get home from work myself so he can nap and get ready for his next shift. He NEVER complains and always has her fed and dressed (in much cuter outfits than I put together sometimes lol). On the days he’s off and has a chance to rest, he’s planning fun adventures instead because he wants our daughter to have fun at the zoo, going swimming, etc. He loves to teach her new things and they have a bond like no other. He is the type of dad that shows you tons of pictures and will tell you all about his daughter’s newest accomplishment with so much pride. He deserves to win this not only for the awesome prizes but mainly for the title, which to us he already holds.

Milton Hamer

{Nominated by :: Erica Hamer} My husband Milton Hamer is the best dad in Baton Rouge to our two little ones, Vivian age 4 & Augustus age 1.5. He makes a difference in their lives daily through his gentle loving approach to meeting their every need. He reacts with patience & empathy when they are overwhelmed. He models respect instead of demanding it. He is playful & funny with them. Every morning, he plays with the kids & reads to them before helping get them ready for their day. He dances to their kiddie music & rolls around with them on the floor. He Facetimes with the kids & I during the day while he is at work & makes every effort to be home by 5pm so that he can eat dinner with them & help with their 6pm bedtime. He does bathtime & pajamas & brushing teeth before reading our 4-year-old to sleep then carrying her to bed. He gets up in the middle of the night, every night, to change the baby’s diaper & walk him around or rock him til he falls back asleep. On the weekends, our kids are his highest priority so we plan museum trips & playground visits, during which he is actively involved. He always looks for ways to involve our 4-year-old in projects he does around the house & yard, showing her how to use tools & giving her a sense of accomplishment.
He sets an example and offers encouragement for other dads around him through his involvement in the Baton Rouge Attachment Parenting group. In this group, he advises other dads that have the same goal to gently parent. They discuss parenting challenges & share successes, helping one another problem solve & recommending resources such as books that have been helpful.
He plays a vital part in the Baton Rouge community through his involvement on the the Webb Park Civic Association board, LSU Alumni Association, & mentoring disadvantaged youth through the Big Buddy program.
He does an outstanding job at his place of employment by starting up his own LPL financial planning branch this year with two colleagues, Align Wealth Management is a long awaited goal that has finally been achieved. He serves his clients with detail oriented focus & integrity.
Milton is the best dad because his kids are his greatest joy in life!

Michael Vincent

{Nominated by :: Christina Vincent} Michael is a dad of 3 kids, all of which who maintain academic honors. He works 2 jobs, as an educator by day and a retail salesman by night. He is often the only man role model for his inner city students. They respect and admire him and work to please him, even in their academics. His students share their successes with him, often being the first to graduate high school or college. He makes them believe in themselves like no others have. This year, a former student followed in his footsteps to become an educator due to his influence on this young man’s life. In this young man’s first year of service, he received teacher of the year at his school and district! He credits Michael for being a catalyst for his achievements. Michael’s retail customers stop him in public, at doctors’s offices and even while he is at school to thank him for helping them find something, recommending a product or physically taking their purchases throughout the store and to the car. Michael is a caring man who dedicates his time to his family and community by being an example first and a concerned friend and father-figure second. He truly deserves to be recognized for what he believes is just another opportunity to show compassion and patience day in and day out. He is a true hero each day to so many.

Kolby Whitney

{Nominated by :: Kelsey Whitney} Kolby is my husband of 7 years, and father to our 4 children. He is an amazing father with a fighting spirit. Just 2 weeks after our second child was born he was in a terrible car accident where he crushed his foot. It took 7 months before he was weight bearing again- he would work on cars propped up on crutches to provide for our family. Unfortunately his foot collapsed again at almost a year later. He had another surgery when I was suddenly sent to TX children’s hospital at 6 months pregnant with our third child. He had his surgery and cared for our 2 small children by himself, recovering, while I was away receiving multiple fetal surgeries. We lost our sweet baby 11 weeks early after months of fighting for a chance. He spent the next days building, sanding and staining our daughters casket to ensure she had the best. He loved her so much. Shortly after losing our daughter he lost his job….our home flooded…the business he started failed….His spirit was broken. He was sucidal and an alcoholic. The amazing thing about Kolby is that he reached out for help. He turned his life over to God and he did it for our children. He has faced so many trials- but has continued to fight for the life he wants for our family. He sets and reaches amazing goals. He is a strong leader and member of our community. A great example of a man, father and husband to our 3 living daughters. He cares. He loves. He’s amazing. If any man deserves to win father of year it’s my husband Kolby.

Rusty Ford

{Nominated by :: Melissa Ford} I am nominating my husband, Rusty, because he is simply amazing. We married at 17, had our first child at 20, and our 2nd at 30 yrs old. After the second child, I became very ill. Rusty works 45+ hrs/week at Performance Contractors as a supervisor. He has worked his way up from helper in the last 15 years. I am bed bound, so everything is on him. He works, washes the clothes, cleans the house, takes me to all dr appts, spends countless nights in the hospital with either me or our son, leaves work to pick our son up when he calls home sick from school. On his days off from work, he grocery shops, does yard work and was a Scout Leader for several years while our son was in scouts, up until the past year. He doesn’t complain. Not one time have I ever heard him complain about anything he does. Carpool, school projects/fairs, field trips-he does all of that willingly. He mans up and takes care of myself and both children, one who now has epilepsy, while still being super productive at work. He is just an incredible person and I would love nothing more than to give him this gift of being named Red Stick Father of 2018!

Steven Romero

{Nominated by :: Jennifer Romero} Work Hard, Play Harder is the motto for this father of four. Steven is dad to Jackson (10), Grayson (5), Emmy (3), Hudson (4m). A Military Veteran, Currently All Star baseball coach for Jackson, just completed a season of coaching Grayson in soccer, and ramping up for his 7th season of coaching t-ball.

Other Hobbies: garden, chickens, beekeeper, inspiring his children and always encouraging them to learn something new. At home he enjoys cooking in their newly remodeled kitchen, and always helps his full-time working wife Jenn with housework; you can imagine the laundry for a family of 6! When time permits, Steven enjoys golf & working out, occasional fishing & hunting trips. And if he gets a chance to slow down, he enjoys movies and ice cream.

Steven is very active in making a difference in the lives of other children, not just his own:
– CASA Advocate for the timely placement of children to permanent, safe and stable homes.
– Advocate for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF). You might have seen his face on a few billboards last Fall as the top fund raiser in the 2017 CFF Capital City’s Finest Campaign!
– Member of St. George men’s club, where early in May, he chaired the 2018 annual golf tournament raising dollars for the private school.

Professionally, Steven is a Licensed Architect & General Contractor, and serves as Construction Director for Bearing Point Properties. He volunteers on the Architects’ Selection Board Roster for EBR parish schools, helping plan 21st century schools for the up and coming generations of lower, middle, and high school kids.

We are so grateful to have this hardworking man to call DAD. He is the leader of our family and always there when we need him the most, while setting an example for others in the community!

Chad Bordelon

{Nominated by :: Jennifer Bordelon} Chad Bordelon is an amazingly devoted, incredibly talented, one-of-a-kind husband and father. Our son Carter and I would like to nominate him for Best Red Stick Dad!! He is unbelievably dedicated and never fails to go above and beyond for our entire family! Chad’s own father passed away when he was only 6, so in a way, he had to mature quickly and learn responsibility at a young age. He’s always had a job since he was 16 years old, and has never expressed negativity or been bitter concerning the unfairness of losing his father at such a young age.

Following the horrible flooding in 2016, many of our family members lost their entire homes. Not only did Chad rise above circumstances to rebuild our own home and lives, but he humbly went about to help others, as well. Chad was one of the only people to help out my elderly Aunt, and, with the help of his brother, essentially rebuilt their mom’s entire home from the ground up. Not once did he complain or lament over the situation, but instead asked what else he could do!

When I went into labor with our son, I had a severely difficult and rough delivery and was initially in the hospital for 8 long days. Chad did everything he could to make my very difficult time in the hospital easier to bear. During this time, he took care of our household, our son, and myself, all while continuing to work. When I was finally able to go home, I began hemorrhaging and had to return to the hospital. Again, not once did he complain or ask for help.
I’ve recently been enduring ongoing medical issues, and he has stuck by my side through it all, fulfilling the roles of both mom and dad when I could not.

I feel beyond blessed and am so proud to have Chad as my husband and as the father to our son, Carter. He is a phenomenal father, and is a tremendous support system and role-model for Carter. For example, when Carter’s T-ball team needed an extra coach, he stepped up and took on the role. He’s gladly brought our son to countless kids’ birthday parties when I was too sick to bring him myself, and he’s never missed an important event or time in Carter’s life, no matter what! On a daily basis, Chad not only tells Carter how much he loves him, but more importantly, proves it through his actions, spending any free time that he has with him!

Although Chad has won many awards and accolades at work, winning Father of the Year would be a COMPLETE SURPRISE because he would never expect us to enter him into the contest, and I know it would definitely mean the most to him! I feel like I’ve won the lottery with such an incredible, amazing husband and father!

Mike Steele

{Nominated by :: Abby Steele} Hi, I’m Abby and I am eleven years old. My dad is Mike Steele and, he is the best! He is a hard worker at the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness and works to keep everyone safe. I know when there’s bad weather he doesn’t get much sleep and I barely see him but I know it’s because he is working so hard for us. He makes sure my mom has what she needs to take care of me and my brother and sister but even though he works hard he still makes me feel like a princess. One of the reasons I love my dad is because I love anything Harry Potter. So, he watched all the HP movies for me so that someone in our family could talk to me about it. Also, I had a birthday party a few weeks ago and he spent hours in the yard making it look just perfect for my party. He always makes me feel safe and happy. We enjoy singing songs in the car or in the kitchen. Also, for my tenth birthday he took me to Chicago and to the American girl doll store and trust me that is not his cup of tea – Even though he actually had a cup of tea! He also took me to see Aladdin and it was amazing. He even let me stay late to meet the characters. Jafar was funnier than I thought and he bought me the Aladdin cd. We still listen to it a lot and I mean a LOT. Fun! But when we tried to go to a Cubs game it was rained out and that was the only thing he wanted to do. But, we still stayed and he had a great attitude about it so I love him for that. That is my father and I love him and I really think he deserves this award. There are a lot off other things I love about him and if you give me a call I could name them all for you in about a forty-five foot list. He is a great role model for me and my family. He is always telling me education is important for my future so I can be a future leader of our country. These are just some of the reasons why I think he should win.

Casey Williams 

{Nominated by :: Lauren Williams} I am nominating my husband, Casey. As a father, he is second to none. After trying hard for a baby, we were blessed with our son Carter in 2016. Carter is disabled, something we didn’t know until after birth. Casey immediately took Carter under his wing and has not let go. He goes out of his way to aid me in bringing Carter to therapies, surgeries, and doctor appointments. He works late hours in order to support our family and does everything he can to further business at his place of employment by promoting his industry and gaining new certifications each year. As a friend, you won’t find anyone as loyal. He will literally give someone the shirt off of his back if there is anyway he could be of help to you. As a husband, I am incredibly lucky. Aside from treating me as if I am the only woman on earth, he lets me sleep in on weekends and takes care of Carter while I rest! If that ain’t the best, I don’t know what is! We make enough to get through the days, but this would be something I could never do for Casey on my own. I would love to be able to show him just how incredible he is and how happy he makes me and our family.

Not only will the winner be named the 2018 Best Red Stick Dad, but he will also win the fabulous prize package giveaway valued over $500 including ::

The winner will be announced on Sunday, June 10th!

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