2018 Best Red Stick Dad Winner!

We are excited to announce that the winner of our 2018 Best Red Stick Dad is ::

Milton Hamer

{Nominated by :: Erica Hamer} 

My husband Milton Hamer is the best dad in Baton Rouge to our two little ones, Vivian age 4 & Augustus age 1.5. He makes a difference in their lives daily through his gentle loving approach to meeting their every need. He reacts with patience & empathy when they are overwhelmed. He models respect instead of demanding it. He is playful & funny with them. Every morning, he plays with the kids & reads to them before helping get them ready for their day. He dances to their kiddie music & rolls around with them on the floor. He Facetimes with the kids & I during the day while he is at work & makes every effort to be home by 5pm so that he can eat dinner with them & help with their 6pm bedtime. He does bathtime & pajamas & brushing teeth before reading our 4-year-old to sleep then carrying her to bed. He gets up in the middle of the night, every night, to change the baby’s diaper & walk him around or rock him til he falls back asleep. On the weekends, our kids are his highest priority so we plan museum trips & playground visits, during which he is actively involved. He always looks for ways to involve our 4-year-old in projects he does around the house & yard, showing her how to use tools & giving her a sense of accomplishment.

He sets an example and offers encouragement for other dads around him through his involvement in the Baton Rouge Attachment Parenting group. In this group, he advises other dads that have the same goal to gently parent. They discuss parenting challenges & share successes, helping one another problem solve & recommending resources such as books that have been helpful.

He plays a vital part in the Baton Rouge community through his involvement on the the Webb Park Civic Association board, LSU Alumni Association, & mentoring disadvantaged youth through the Big Buddy program.

He does an outstanding job at his place of employment by starting up his own LPL financial planning branch this year with two colleagues, Align Wealth Management is a long awaited goal that has finally been achieved. He serves his clients with detail oriented focus & integrity.

Milton is the best dad because his kids are his greatest joy in life!

Congratulations Milton! You are the 2018 Best Red Stick Dad and the winner of the fabulous prize package giveaway valued over $500 including ::

We would like to wish a very Happy Father’s Day to all of the AMAZING dads out there!

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