Alton Sterling, This is for Your Children

To the children that lost their daddy last night. This is for you.

As I read the report and see the photos of your daddy from last nights’ event, my heart crumbles for you. It crumbles into a sad dark place that you, your siblings and your friends … all of our children are being raised in.

This morning, I watched as you cried at that press conference while your mamma spoke and it made me want nothing more than to scoop you up, hug you tight and cry with you. I wanted so badly to squeeze you, let you cry in my arms … so badly I wanted to tell you everything was going to be ok. But it’s not.

I worry how this is shaping your life and the world you are growing to know. A world of separation and anger. I worry that you’ll grow up knowing nothing more than to pick a side. That one day you’ll let this define you to a point of no return. Every thought that crosses your mind right now, I worry for.

My hope is that things turn around in this dark place we live in. For you, for my own, for all of the children … I pray that things turn around for you all. You all deserve so much more. You deserve to exist with one another … to love and be loved by one another. You all deserve understanding, respect … kindness.

Today, as protesters shout for justice for your daddy, you need to know that we all hurt for YOU. All five of you. At a time that we are quick to assume and to stand up for what we believe in, we need to focus on what was truly lost. A husband, an uncle, a brother, a son … a daddy.

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