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Depressionis a liar

Depression is a Liar

Depression is a liar. It makes you feel guilty that you aren’t grateful enough for your blessed life. It repeats to you that one day people will realize you’re a fraud. It gaslights you until you can’t tell the difference between reality and the stories it tells you about yourself. It paralyzes you from pursuing […]

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To our heroes

Neat Freak Girl in a Pack Rat World

Growing up, our house was always neat. Even when it wasn’t sparkling clean, everything was in its place. It wasn’t something my mom talked about or drilled into our heads; it just was. I remember being confused when I went to friends’ houses whose parents didn’t have the same knack for neatness. Why was there […]

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Bee Better with Bombas :: The Only Brand of Socks You’ll Ever Need

Disclosure :: Bombas sponsored this post. That said, we are darn lucky they spoiled us with socks because we are addicted to this brand! Bee Better with Bombas :: The Only Brand of Socks You’ll Ever Need A wise man once said, “One can never have enough socks.” I, for one, agree completely with Albus Dumbledore […]

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triple banded

Minivan Kind of Life

I started dreaming about getting a minivan a couple of years ago. I was a stay at home mom to a 3 year old and driving a small sedan. I convinced myself that it wasn’t practical to get a van with only one child. Instead of me getting a new ride, I started driving my […]

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Parmesan Cheese

New Year’s Resolutions (For a Mom Who Doesn’t Keep New Year’s Resolutions)

Last year, I made a PowerPoint presentation of my New Year’s resolutions. I also made an Excel spreadsheet of all of the chores I was going to keep up with. There were sections for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual chores. Lol. I can’t remember what was on them, because I haven’t looked at either […]

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Lessons of a First Time Disney Mom

Lessons of a First Time Disney Mom Last month, my five your old had her first trip to Disney World. I had been once before, but only for a couple of days and without a hint of planning. This time was different. I was determined to make sure that it was a memorable vacation for […]

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