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The Purge: Getting Rid of Everything

Have you have been sick and tired of being sick and tired? On the edge of hitting rock bottom? I think I finally hit my breaking point right after school got out. After my sister, my fellow second grade teachers, and I packed up my husband’s truck with all of my classroom, we brought more […]

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A Teacher’s Summer

A few weeks ago I was visiting a craft store and whipped out my teacher ID so I could get my meager discount. After the cashier asked me about my contents and explaining they were indeed NOT for classroom, he posed a very interesting question: “What do teachers do all summer?” In case you, your […]

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In Defense of (Real) Housewives

I consider myself an intelligent woman. I’m an educator and a child of God. I stay abreast of current events and watch documentaries. I am also a HUGE fan of Bravo’s The Real Housewives franchise. Now, before you judge me for watching this actual garbage, let me explain why “I liveee” for the nonsense the […]

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Baton Rouge:: A Love Story

Baton Rouge, we’ve made it! We’re approaching our nine year anniversary, and we should celebrate! But before we raise a glass, we should reflect on our relationship. We’ve had our very own Ragin’ Cajun of emotions, but I believe it has made our connection stronger. You know how they say the first year is the […]

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Privacy Please!

Growing up, my mom had a pretty standard routine after she got home from work. She would greet us if she didn’t pick us up from school and then go to the bathroom and stay there for what seemed like forever. We were not allowed to bother her at all unless it was an emergency. […]

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Whole30 :: More Than Just a Diet

Exactly one month ago, I started on my Whole30 journey. The beginning of this year was pretty rough for my family and myself. In the span of a week, I lost my mother, my uncle, and we moved into our new house. It was devastating and stressful to say the least. The lack of routine, […]

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When You Don’t Drink in Louisiana

Louisiana. Just even hearing the name of our beloved state conjures quick thoughts of LSU or Saints tailgate parties, parades, and not to mention the best food in the country. These integral parts of our culture also include one very specific ingredient …  Alcohol. You can’t even attend a crawfish boil without a pack of […]

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Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Valentine’s Day (like all holidays in my case) is creeping up quickly. My husband is impossible to buy for and our time together is very limited between demanding careers and little kids. We’ve found it’s easier to have fun experiences together than to give each other gifts. Dinner and a movie are great but can […]

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(Our First) Home Sweet Home

 I, like most Americans, live for HGTV. All of the tiny homes, flipping, fixing and decorating is absolutely binge-worthy. The one show I can’t get enough of is House Hunters. If an episode is on, I’m watching it. It certainly got me excited to go on our first house hunt as a family.   The […]

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