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Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Valentine’s Day (like all holidays in my case) is creeping up quickly. My husband is impossible to buy for and our time together is very limited between demanding careers and little kids. We’ve found it’s easier to have fun experiences together than to give each other gifts. Dinner and a movie are great but can […]

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(Our First) Home Sweet Home

 I, like most Americans, live for HGTV. All of the tiny homes, flipping, fixing and decorating is absolutely binge-worthy. The one show I can’t get enough of is House Hunters. If an episode is on, I’m watching it. It certainly got me excited to go on our first house hunt as a family.   The […]

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Our Dilemma :: TV in the Bedroom

Growing up, my parents set very strict television rules. On a school nights, there was no TV period after 5PM. Saturday and Sunday morning cartoons were pretty much our only options for the weekend until the evenings. But then summer would happen. Summer vacation would be marked by a 12 inch television with cable on the nightstand that my brother […]

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My VBAC Birth Story

When my oldest son was born, everything happened so fast. I was only thirty-seven weeks gestation when he was born, and it was quite the experience. Outside of extra monitoring and progesterone shots, I had a pretty normal pregnancy, until my 35 week appointment. My ultrasound revealed a possibility of some type of blockage in […]

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What a Divorced Mom Wants You to Know

“People just don’t try anymore.” That phrase burns when it hits my ears. Have you heard it before? It usually follows the news of a married couple splitting up. I get the thought process when you hear the news of a separation after 72 days :: side eye:: but there’s more to it than that. Me […]

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A Story About Stretch Marks

I got my first round of stretchies in the later part of my second trimester with my son. With baby #2 due in the next month, the marks are overlapping. There’s no way of knowing which child they belong to. I’ve tried everything and taken everyone’s advice to try to make them disappear. From creams […]

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