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WTH Are You Talking About?

As if being a new mom isn’t hard enough, try logging into a message board, Facebook group, or even group text, and your mind will be blown by acronyms and mom sayings. All the EBFs, SAHMs, and DDs have you wondering if this is some Navajo code talking trick and you’re Japan (#WWIIreference). Moms, if […]

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Teaching our daughter the basics of swimming this summer was so much fun. She was so fearless.

Taking a Year-End Family Evaluation

Between spending more time indoors, the holidays, sentimental Christmas music, and extra glasses of wine that tend to accompany the latter weeks of December,  I tend to spend a good portion of my thought life reflecting on the past year. This particular year has been eventful to say the least. Our family started and finished construction on a new home and we […]

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Fall Fashion for Moms

Did you feel that? I think the temperature dropped about 4 degrees. Either way, it was enough for me to pull out boots and start dreaming about pumpkin spiced everything. It also made me realize that my Fall wardrobe needs help, so I enlisted the help of my fashion forward friend, Instagram boutique owner, and all around […]

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Kid Problems :: LSU Football Edition

Kid Problems  :: LSU Football Edition Spending Saturday night in Death Valley, seeing the Golden Band from Tiger Land run down the hill, and tailgating with friends — there’s nothing like LSU football season!! Although I love football, I realize that my littlest tiger may not always feel the same way. Here’s a few problems a kid with […]

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I {actually} Like My Mother-in-Law

I realize I may be in the minority. Before you click out of this post, hear me out. My relationship with my mother-in-law (MIL) is far from perfect. In fact, when my husband and I were dating and newly married, my relationship with my MIL was a source of anxiety. I wanted to be the perfect daughter […]

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The Anxiety of Motherhood

Right after my daughter was born, I remember staring into her face, and feeling so mortal. Prior to becoming a mom, I was the most carefree person. I was the person that loaded her car down at 19 years old, and drove half way across the country to California to live there for a few […]

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Core and More on the Floor Summer Fitness

Prepare yourself, summer is coming!  Actually,  if you’re reading this in Louisiana, summer has already arrived, and that can only mean two things:  shorts and bathing suits. The warmer weather has people in the mood to exercise and get fit, and I’ve been seeing tons of “summer body” challenges on Pinterest and Facebook. Unfortunately, I have to burst that […]

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