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A Santa-Free Home

Thanksgiving is over, and Christmas is here! Our tree is up, our boys (5 and 3) already got an early Christmas present (a new outdoor play set) and they’re watching Christmas movies. The season is all around. And now, at least for families like mine, comes the seasonal question that I must decide upon: should […]

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3 Lessons We Taught Our Kindergartner About the 2016 Presidential Election

About a week ago, before the 2016 Presidential election, my kindergartner came home one day and announced that his class had held a vote. “We voted for our favorite cookie,” he said proudly. “We voted for chocolate chip or Oreos. I voted for chocolate chip, and we won!” He was really, really excited that the cookie […]

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I LOVE My Minivan

I LOVE my minivan! It may not make me look like the hippest mom in town, but when I’m behind its wheel I’m definitely one of the happiest. To me, my minivan represents so much more than just a vehicle. It symbolizes our season of life and our focus on family. I’m a mommy chauffeur […]

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Why This Mom Can’t Stand School Uniforms

Okay, so I know that my opinion on the topic of school uniforms isn’t the most popular here in Baton Rouge, where all kids – even public school kids – wear school uniforms. Most moms love school uniforms. School uniforms make back to school shopping easier. School uniforms make getting dressed in the morning easier. And I’ve been […]

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3 Reasons to Join Mike’s Kids Club

Whether you’re a diehard LSU fan who bleeds purple and gold or simply a mom looking for some family-friendly activities for her kids, you’ve got to check out Mike’s Kids Club. Created for the youngest Tiger fans in Baton Rouge, Mike’s Kids Club gives kids 12 and under the ultimate LSU experience. From special edition LSU swag […]

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What To Do In Baton Rouge When It Rains {Or It’s Just Too Hot}

  The weather in Baton Rouge can be unpredictable. One minute it’s sunny, the next minute there’s a torrential rainstorm and you’re getting a flash flooding warning alert on your cell phone. Other days it’s so hot and humid outside that there’s no way you’re going to have outdoor play time. And then there’s the cabin fever. Oh, […]

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