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Owning my Motherhood Truth

Motherhood is a beast. I’m giving a big side-eye to the mom who always looks perfectly put together and only talks about how fulfilling and perfect motherhood is … I suspect you are not even human. There are so many pressures we encounter as women and as moms. There are pressures to do all of the […]

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For the Mom in a Tough Season

Motherhood is hard enough without life throwing you a curve ball. When something unexpected happens, it can be hard to see past the chaos and you may lay your head down at night feeling defeated and discouraged and not enough. I know because I’ve been that mom, and I’ll be that mom again someday since life is full of […]

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Fear in Parenting

One of the toughest aspects of parenting for me is making decisions. All day every day there are decisions to be made. A million decisions. Thankfully, a lot of them are easy to make. Deciding what my son should eat or wear happen without much thought. But so many parenting decisions feel like they carry […]

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Stay Out of My Uterus

When we decided to become foster parents a few years ago we never imagined that the first child placed with us would become available for adoption. We actually really hoped that he wouldn’t become available for adoption because that would mean something really terrible happened in his family of origin that prevented them from parenting. […]

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Why I Love a Simple Christmas

We never made an “official” decision that we would keep the holidays simple, it just sort of happened. Like most couples, early in our marriage our income and our time were both very limited. Even a few years later when we became parents, I was in graduate school, scraping together enough money to pay the bills and […]

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Be the Coach, Not the Warden

Do you ever have days where you feel like all you do is reprimand everyone in your house? Last weekend I had one of those days. I felt like all I did was chase after everyone and say things like “Stop jumping on the couch!” “Don’t hug the toilet!” “We aren’t having any more chocolate milk!” At […]

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Inside Mommy’s Mind: Mental Health & Motherhood

Mental illness is such a tough topic to discuss- so much so that I’m not even exactly sure how to start this post. When people experience a physical ailment like diabetes or ALS, they are encouraged to share about their experiences openly and generally we flood them with support and understanding and encouragement. But struggles with […]

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