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A Few of My Favorite Things about Family Vacation

We recently returned from our summer family “vacation.” I use quotation marks because we all know the term “vacation” is a joke if young kids are involved. I’ve stayed home all summer with my three girls, so our vacation was just me doing the same things but in a different state. The trip consisted of […]

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Screen Time and the Loss of a Teachable Moment

It’s been a long, hot summer and my girls and I were coming off of a two week period of being stuck at the house because of sickness and surgery recovery. We all hit our breaking point, and the only thing that seemed to offer me an hour without whines of boredom was the iPad. […]

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Why Moms Blog

Blogging has become a phenomenon over the last decade, gaining mega steam with the addition of social media. Everyone can name at least one person on their friend list who has taken on this endeavor. Now that I have become completely immersed in the blog world, I think I might have stumbled upon some reasons […]

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