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Win Every Battle You Enter

I have what most parents would call a “strong-willed” daughter. Honestly, though, she’s just a typical three-year-old. It takes a lot of work to understand that she’s just trying to test her boundaries and determine what she can and can’t get away with. This actually is no different from what many of us continue to […]

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2 for 1: Dad reading AND a nook!

Fostering a Reading Culture at Home

Ok, so full disclosure: I’m an English teacher. Like, I have a son named after my favorite literary character (“Atticus”) and a daughter named after a Louisiana epic poem (“Evangeline”). So, yeah. To say I love literature is an understatement. Which meant that when I became a mother, one of my greatest priorities was fostering […]

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Our Favorite Kids’ Albums

Ok, so maybe “album” is an outdated word. But we hit Pandora pretty hard, and these are the albums that our favorite songs come from on all of our favorite stations. And we’re pretty particular about the music we listen to with our kids. We’re not crazy about them hearing a lot of what they […]

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I hold it together for the children.

I Hate Mardi Gras

According to my birth certificate, I was, in fact, born in Louisiana. You’d never know this from my personal preferences, though. I don’t like seafood – eww, it tastes like the water it came from. I can’t get behind red beans and rice – it’s literally a starch on top of another starch. I don’t […]

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