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Saying YES More

I am an introvert. More specifically, I am an introvert who shuns most human interaction that does not come in the form of my children, husband or a drive-thru barista. People are just not “my thing.” Forget about girls’ nights out and inviting me to a social gathering. For a long time, I would rather […]

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Obsessed With True Crime

Maybe it’s the psychology or the questions of “why” or maybe it’s the mystery of true crime, but let me tell you … I AM ADDICTED TO IT. Obsessed With True Crime Years ago when I was in high school, I became heavily dependent on a televised trial that went on for months. OJ Simpson, […]

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The Mess Inside My Head

I think that if you were to take a  peek inside of my head, you would see something that would much resemble Target after Black Friday: everything everywhere, in desperate need of organizing, and too much chaos. There are wheels constantly in motion, trying to get ahead of the game but never quite succeeding.  You […]

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