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When Students Walk Out {Thoughts From a Teacher}

Sometimes you see them standing on a corner or waiting for a bus. Sometimes you see them on a basketball court or baseball field. This week, you saw them marching in the streets, walking out of classrooms and speaking eloquently on the news. As a teacher, I know what I should say about the missed […]

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Never Stop Dating Your Daughter

The invitation… He came up to me in the church hallway and said, “what are you doing this Tuesday?” I said, “I have to take the princess to dance.” He replied, “I need you to help me with something can you give me an hour?” “Sure Dad.” I said. My father rarely made requests like […]

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Before She Was Mama

It’s true, that like many other daughters turned mothers I know, I like to give my mom a hard time. In a “know it all, only slightly agitating, but we still have a great relationship” type of way. Ha! My mom and I banter back and forth and fuss about borrowing each other’s stuff, and […]

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Why Reform of ALL Kinds Is Worth Discussing

Why are we in a debate about this? We have seen this story far too often. Something tragic happens, and the world pays attention for a few weeks, but no real change takes place. After the recent tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida, I have encountered headline after headline about the shooter’s mental health in […]

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I Thought It Was a Kids’ Channel

I pride myself on being accepting and tolerant. I don’t have to agree with your lifestyle choices to love you or even like you. I teach my children to “Love God and Love People” and not just at church, but everywhere. I love this about my parenting style, BUT I draw the line when schools, […]

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