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Teaching Big Sisterhood

My friends jokingly refer to my 4 year old, Charlie, as a professional big sister. As a foster family, we have shared our home with 10 children in addition to our two biological girls. Some have been her age; most have been babies. She has the baby thing down – she willingly changes diapers (as […]

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My Baby is Leaving

“Can I just keep you forever?” It’s a question that I ask my 3-year-old often, and it’s always followed by a sweet, “Of course you can! I’m your daughter!” But not this day. This typical, playful, normal morning, I asked our 8-month old my question. “Can I just keep you forever?” And the toddler responded, […]

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When Strangers Get BOLD

I truly believe that most people mean well, I really do. Unfortunately, too many people speak before they think. Today, a stranger at the grocery store (grocery stores make people BOLD, y’all!) was talking with my sweet baby and telling me how beautiful she is (because she is, of course!). But then as we walked […]

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