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It Must Be May

Every year it comes up and surprises me with a flurry of transitions and celebrations. I expect it from December, since the stores and our holiday calendars take October and November to prepare for it. But for some reason, I forget about all of the changes that happen in the four weeks of May. I […]

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Spontaneous Entertaining with Friends and Kids

Do you like getting together with friends but feel intimidated by having them over? While I love looking forward to more elaborate events planned ahead of time, it’s also fun to be spontaneous with impromptu gatherings. I love to plan dinners and parties, whether they are at my house or someone else’s. I used to […]

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Breaking Out of the Darkness and Into New Light {Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness}

My husband and I were thrilled to start a family. My first pregnancy was incredibly smooth, with my OB literally saying that every appointment was perfect. Besides the normal morning sickness, there were no complications. I gave birth to a healthy 7 pound 12 ounce baby boy at 40 weeks. He was gorgeous! He even […]

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