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This is 13 :: Learning to Love My Teen

You say the word teen to a parent of a young child and their heart skips a beat. You mean my little chunky boo bear is going to be a TEENAGER soon? There goes my nightly snuggles and being your best friend, soon you will hate me. Maybe those were just MY thoughts…I have been […]

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Our Kids are Gross Because …

Y’all, kids are gross. I think this is just natural for them. Most of the time, they don’t even realize how incredibly gross they are being. Recently, our team sat down and named all the reasons WHY our kids are gross and we laughed. Enjoy, laugh with us and comment with somethings your kids do […]

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M - Merry Go Round

A Letter to My Son :: You’re a Teenager

Dear Micah, I feel like you have anxiously been awaiting this day for months now, but your dad and I have looked at it teary-eyed. You see, we all grew up together. The past 13 years, I have learned what it is like to love someone so much it hurts. I have learned that parents […]

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Why I Will Forever Love Grey’s Anatomy

“I am William George Bailey Johnson. I am 13 years old and I have nothing to harm you,” he repeats as his parents explain that he should never talk back to police or make any sudden movements. “Your only goal is to get home safely,” they tell him, while instructing their son to not sign […]

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Racial Tension :: Three Things that You Can Do

If you are anything like me, the racial tension in my community and in our nation have hurt my heart. I find myself singing “Why can’t we be friends” over and over again. As a white woman raising black children, race is obviously very important to me. I want you to know there are things that you can do […]

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Black History Month :: Ways You Can Celebrate

February is Black History Month which was started in 1926 by Carter G. Woodson as “Negro History Week,” a noted African American historian, scholar, educator and publisher. It became a month-long celebration in 1976. Throughout school, I remember learning about some influential African Americans. As a family, we talk about Black History in February. We […]

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