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15 Supercool T-Shirts That Aid in Flood Relief

Who doesn’t love a t-shirt? Who doesn’t love a t-shirt that also gives back? Ever since relief and recovery began, you’ve probably seen scores of inspirational t-shirt designs attached to charities flooding your newsfeed (pun not intended, but it works). As a mom whose wardrobe consists of mainly t-shirts (casual and formal, of course), I […]

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Anything But Relief {No One Wants Your Used Undies}

“The disaster after the disaster.” I wasn’t familiar with this term until recently when my hometown endured widespread flooding. As one of the minority whose home did not flood, I jumped in with both feet into the relief effort. In doing so, I received a crash course in how donations can sometimes do more to […]

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Kids games

The Littlest Victims of the Flood

  Losing your home and your things isn’t ideal under any circumstance. Tossing out our children’s toys was about as heartbreaking as tossing out ruined family photos for me. My kids didn’t deserve to lose what they lost. They aren’t able to grasp the reasons why this has happened to us. I kept silent about […]

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May Cause Anxiety, Insomnia, Spontaneous Fits :: Side Effects of the Flood ::

Do you ever watch those prescription drug commercials, and listen all the way to the end, only to hear the announcer speak at auction-house-speed about all the terrible side effects the medicine could cause? I know you have. My favorite is when they say, “and death.” Death, no thank you! You get the point.  The […]

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