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10 things not to say

10 Things NOT to Say to Flood Victims

Author’s Note :: This blog was a collaborative effort of survivors of flooding and their thoughts on how common sayings have made them feel. Not all statements resonated with all victims, but I felt each one was important to list so that readers could understand their feelings behind the well-meaning comments. I have said many […]

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Floodwaters Wash Over Me, Wave After Wave

This is surviving the flood, from the perspective of a mom with a medically fragile, technology dependent child. Hurricane Katrina During Katrina, we evacuated to Baton Rouge from Ascension Parish. We found out then that we were pregnant with our son, Braden. Hurricane Gustav During Gustav, we evacuated with our medically fragile, technology dependent son to […]

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Resources and Information for the Louisiana Flood Victims

South Louisiana, specifically Baton Rouge (and surrounding areas) and Lafayette, have been devastated by the recent flooding. In an effort to share the most up to date information for our Red Stick Mom Blog readers, we’ve compiled this list of resources and information to help Louisiana flood victims. We’ll keep it as updated as possible […]

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As The Flood Waters Rise

I never thought this would happen to us. Awakened by my husband bringing a bottle to our baby at 4:00am on Friday morning, I was told our street was already flooded. It was already too deep to drive through. We’ve suspected a drainage problem for a while, and the street had flooded before, so we […]

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