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Introducing :: Baton Rouge Community Neighborhood Groups

Does it feel like none of your friends have children the same age as yours? Or have you been wanting to try the new indoor play space in your neighborhood but all of your friends with kids work? Are you a working mom who wants to arrange playdates for her children on the weekend, but […]

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Swimming Safely: A Gift for Life {Crawfish Aquatics Swim Lessons}

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Crawfish Aquatics, which offers year-round swimming instruction for students of all ages. “It happened so fast,” a reflecting mom said to me. “One minute we are all outside in the yard playing. Then I decided to run inside to turn the oven on and got distracted sorting some mail. […]

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Core and More on the Floor Summer Fitness

Prepare yourself, summer is coming!  Actually,  if you’re reading this in Louisiana, summer has already arrived, and that can only mean two things:  shorts and bathing suits. The warmer weather has people in the mood to exercise and get fit, and I’ve been seeing tons of “summer body” challenges on Pinterest and Facebook. Unfortunately, I have to burst that […]

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