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Prenatal Dental Info

What You Need to Know about Dental Health in Pregnancy

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Bencaz Family Dentistry.  What You Need to Know about Dental Health in Pregnancy Congrats you are growing toes in that belly of yours. Pregnancy is an exciting time and also full of a lot of unknowns. As moms we know there are plenty of things to worry about […]

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I'm a teacher.We are not safe.

I’m a Teacher. We Are Not Safe.

What will I wear to work today? What does not need to be ironed? Is the coffee ready yet? Is it a full moon? Because if it’s a full moon I’m going to need more coffee. These are the typical thoughts that roll through my mind on any given morning while I’m getting dressed for work. But […]

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The Day I Stopped Yelling {And Greatly Reduced the Stress in Our Family}

One beautiful afternoon in September, I was sitting on the back porch watching my four children play joyfully. My oldest child, age seven, came over and hugged me. “This has been a great day, Mom. Thanks for not yelling at us.” He scooted off to play, and I sat there in shock. “Thanks for not […]

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The Battle Goes On {Ten Years After My Breast Cancer Diagnosis}

Disclosure :: our Breast Cancer Awareness series is sponsored by Baton Rouge General.  Ten years later … this is not what is supposed to happen. The odds were in my favor, or so I thought. Breast cancer journey #2 is in full swing as I write this. But this isn’t where my story started, or […]

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World Breastfeeding Week 2017

5 Breastfeeding Resources in Baton Rouge

Note: This post is part of a series for World Breastfeeding Week and is sponsored by Woman’s Hospital.  5 Breastfeeding Resources in Baton Rouge Breastfeeding is natural, but it’s not always easy. Poor latch, nipple soreness and engorgement may be a few of the challenges that you may face when breastfeeding. Don’t wait too long […]

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The Real Reason I Enjoyed Moms Night Out

RSMB stands for Red Stick Moms Blog. The title is pretty self-explanatory but to sum it up, they are a group of local moms who blog about anything in the interest of moms and the Baton Rouge community. So, let’s put a spin on things and talk about THEIR community event: RSMB’s moms night out. […]

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Queen of the Jungle

You Jane are way different from me Tarzan — a concept that has been reinforced and reminded almost daily from Day One. After biology class it was quickly deduced that we men have the complexity of a garden hose and ladies, a multiple zone irrigation system. Nothing prepares you for parenthood and the new roles […]

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