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My Daughter Is Not My “Mini-Me”

My four-year-old daughter Elliot and I have quite a few things “in common.” For instance, we both like shopping, wearing new shoes, going to gym meets, dancing, and singing Taylor Swift songs very loudly in the car. The things we enjoy together are 90% from what I have introduced to her. However, we have our differences. […]

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Christmas is Coming…I Will Not Panic.

I used to love the holidays.  Thanksgiving and Christmas were my annual highlights.  I relished the decorations, the music, the food, and the overall jolly spirit.  That laid-back attitude of enjoyment has subsided in recent years and has become overshadowed by stress, panic, disappointment, and comparison.  Now when I think about the impending holiday, a […]

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The Secret Place

In The Secret Place, behind the row of azalea bushes next to the property line fence and under the shade of the magnolia tree, anything can happen. Stuffed animals, favorite babies, small blankets, and toy food have all made their way outside to The Secret place, carried there by tiny dirty hands. Today the owners […]

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For Goodness Sakes…GO OUTSIDE!

Computer screens, Netflix, iPads and iPhones. It’s all too much! It’s too much for an adult, much less a small child. One day, I suggested the kids go outside to play and I was met with whining. “I’m working on my Minecraft World!” “I’m watching Little Mermaid!” “I don’t waaaaant to!” It’s happened. I tried […]

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