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Diversity on Demand

As a millennial, we lived in the golden age of family television. Friday nights consisted of popcorn and crowding around the television in our playroom to watch TGIF. Ahh…the nostalgia. The Family Matters and Boy Meets Worlds tended to stay pretty light in the early seasons as far as controversial, real life events were concerned. […]

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My Grown-up Lovey

My son has absolutely no loyalty when it comes to his loveys. As a Louisiana transplant, I was unfamiliar as to what a lovey even was. I suppose the proper definition of the word is a toy or item that a child or person hauls around/snuggles with for security or comfort reasons. As I stated previously, in […]

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Fixer Upper :: Why This Mom is Hooked

When I was younger, my family would gather around the TV for some quality prime-time family entertainment. We would count down the days until we ordered pizza and settled in for some T.G.I.F. featuring “Full House.” I even remember us all giggling at the silly voice-overs on “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” If you long for […]

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I’m Political on Facebook

Yep. I’m that Facebook friend. The one who leaves nothing to the digital imagination when it comes to her political beliefs. You probably either love me or hate me. Maybe you’ve even blocked me or unfriended me. That’s a chance I’m willing to take. Growing up, I was the kid who watched Dateline instead of cartoons. […]

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