Why I am Choosing to be a “Yes” Mom

With spring officially in the air, so is my need to clean house and get everything organized. What is it about this time of the year that has us wanting to renew our space? I have decided to take this renewing process a step further than my house, renewing myself as a mother. Choosing to be more of a ‘yes’ mom.

I have heard this phrase multiple times, “I am going to say ‘yes’ all day today when my child asks me a question.” I remember thinking how brave that mother must be for saying yes to everything her child asks for during that single day. Then I reminded myself that I don’t say ‘no’ all the time, so that should be good enough. Right? It seemed good enough until I discovered the root of all the reasons why I ever answered ‘no’ to my children.

Time to say ‘Yes’

I am one of those moms who loves arts and crafts and doing all those science experiments. It is just the teacher in me that can’t help but do those type of activities. Normally my answer was ‘yes’ to anything that involved these activities. That was until my third child arrived. I noticed I didn’t say ‘yes’ as often. I felt like time was crunched and that they wouldn’t be able to enjoy it as much. Maybe it was the fact that our school schedule or after school curricular activities made it difficult to do any thing extra.

I sat back and thought about all the reasons why I truly wasn’t saying ‘yes’ to the things my kids were asking and realized every answer had to do with me. Of course I wouldn’t say ‘yes’ to something that would be harmful to my children. The root to all my ‘no’s’ was due to my own selfish reasons. The kids wanted to bake a made up cake the other day. In other words, just add a bunch of random stuff into a bowl and act like it was a real cake. My reaction to something like this is normally ‘no’ because all it would do would make a huge mess for me to clean up. Plus, I am not all about wasting. Another is them wanting to blow bubbles in the house. Why would I let them do something of the sort?

Enjoying every single moment.

Again, my selfish intentions are like ‘absolutely not! That would make a huge mess, and I am not in the mood to clean up.’ So for my own selfish reasons, my kids can’t blow some darn bubbles in the house. Pretty silly now that I have taken the time to truly think about it all. How much easier and fun would it be to just say ‘yes?’ Move them into the bathroom or even over some big beach towels in the kitchen. Let them have fun blowing those bubbles. Shoot, I could even join in on the fun. Can you even imagine their excitement to not only be able to blow bubbles in the house, but to be blowing them with me?!

Don’t get me wrong here. I am not saying that it is horrible for you to be telling your child ‘no’ and that your answer should always be ‘yes.’ There absolutely are times, places, and certain questions that deserve the answer of ‘no.’ What I am saying is that I am choosing to say ‘yes’ more when the time is right and there is no other reason to say ‘no’ besides my own selfish intentions. They are only little for so long, and the questions will soon not be asked for our approval. I am choosing to say ‘yes’ and to enjoy every single moment that I can with my kids.


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