Confessions of a Dance Mom

I must confess. I’m tired! The kind of tired that coffee would need to be pumping through an IV bag to cure. When you are a “dance mom” you have to find a way to remove that word from your vocabulary.

The things you see on reality TV barely scratch the surface of what it is really like to be a “dance mom.” From the long hours at competitions to rushing to events and practices! Searching for sequin-covered costumes that cost a fortune only to be worn by your little princess one time!  Yes once! The tears, the tantrums, the knots in your stomach waiting for audition call backs (and I’m not just talking about the kids)!

Why do it, you ask?! I must confess I do it for the smiles, the love and the sight of watching my daughter overcome her fears. She truly shines and comes alive on stage. I find myself in awe of how powerful, beautiful and brave she is as she soars. My daughter is notorious for her shy personality. She is a very reserved quiet type in most settings, but the minute she appears on stage there is no trace of that person. Since joining dance she has discovered an inner strength. She finds purpose in her talent, and she is proud of what she is doing. Her art has helped her deal with anxiety and given her a chance to use coping skills. I must confess we have fewer meltdowns now that she has dance.   

After we run around like chickens and apply makeup for the hundredth performance of the season, the lights go down and the curtains close. I sit back and wait, and then it happens. She comes running to me grinning ear to ear beaming with pride in what she has accomplished all on her own. I see it building confidence and teaching her discipline. Not to mention the family she has found in her dance team (Legends in the Making). I’m proud to give her that. I must confess being a Dance Mom is so worth it.


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