How to Create a Family Birthday Party Bucket

You may be wondering, “A birthday party whaaa?” I thought the same thing when I saw a blog introducing the concept a couple years ago (I wish I had the link to give due credit!), but it brings celebrating birthdays as a family to a whole new level. And as a birthday-loving family, we have come to embrace it fully.

All this took was a quick trip to the Dollar Tree and we had our bucket o’ birthday. These are just a few things we have included, and I haven’t had to restock yet:

We keep it in our kitchen buffet and whip it out the night before to surprise the boys as they wake up or surprise each other. I’m telling you–even though you know it’s coming, it is still so much fun to be the wearer of the birthday hat and the kids crowded around helping you blow out your candles. And sometimes you forget all about it until you come home and your family has it all set up for you!

I know many of you are breaking out in hives just at the thought. But I promise you, kids think this is the best thing ever, and with minimal setup, you have an easy way to make the birthday boy/girl feel extra celebrated. Judah can barely stand the excitement of waking up to “his party” every year. 

So if you love birthdays and creating a quick party atmosphere in 5-10 minutes, then think about making a birthday bucket! You’ll thank your past-self every time a birthday rolls around and you haven’t had time to run to the store for plates and napkins or candles–because you’ll remember that those supplies and more are all ready to go. It’s definitely my favorite parenting hack to date!

How do you celebrate birthdays in your family?


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