Depression is a Liar

Depression is a liar.

It makes you feel guilty that you aren’t grateful enough for your blessed life.

It repeats to you that one day people will realize you’re a fraud.

It gaslights you until you can’t tell the difference between reality and the stories it tells you about yourself.

It paralyzes you from pursuing your dreams because you might fail or be imperfect.

It makes going out with friends overwhelming.

It exhausts you mentally and physically.

It tricks you into believing that medication will guy you of who you are instead of allowing you to BE who you are. 

It reminds you that society things people who go to therapy are weak and unable to “just be positive.”

It numbs joy and optimism but amplifies fear and hopelessness. 

It makes the world feel so so heavy.

Sometimes it even convinces you that everyone you know would be better off without you.

But, depression is a liar.

You are enough.

You matter. 

And the world is better with you in it. 

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