Easter Crafts With Kids


Happy Easter! We celebrate the Resurrection, Easter Bunny and Spring during this holiday by attending egg hunts and all sorts of outdoor events. Make a few more memories and family Easter traditions by incorporating crafts!

Bunny Nose

Great for Easter gifts for friends or classmates

What you’ll need:

  • Gray paint
  • Small paintbrush
  • Craft stick
  • 3 white pipe cleaners
  • 1 pink pom pom
  • Hot glue gun


1. Paint your craft stick grey and let dry.

2. Wrap one pipe cleaner, centered, once around the top of the craft stick.

3. Twist the pipe cleaner once at the back and bend out again.

4. Repeat with two more pipe cleaners, centered and diagonal.




5. Hot glue a small amount around the pipe cleaners on the back of the craft stick.

6. Hot glue the pom pom to the top of the craft stick, over the spot where the pipe cleaners are wrapped.

7. Hold up to your own nose and hop around!



My cute little bunny assistant

Handprint Flower

Great for grandparent or teacher gifts

What you’ll need:

  • Green paint
  • Small paintbrush
  • Green foam sheet
  • Any brightly colored foam sheet (pink, purple, teal, yellow)
  • Sharpie
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

1. Paint your craft stick green and let dry.

2. Trace a pressed hand on a brightly colored foam sheet.

3. Cut out the hand shape.

4. Cut out a leaf from the green foam sheet.

5. Hot glue the hand to the top of the craft stick.

6. Hot glue the leaf near the middle of the craft stick.

7. Use or give as a bookmark!

Pom Pom Painted Egg

Great for Easter cards or refrigerator art

What you’ll need:

  • Green, yellow, purple, and pink paint
  • Medium size green, yellow, purple and pink pom poms (my kids LOVE these!)
  • 4 clothespins
  • Paper plate
  • Egg picture (search online for “egg template” or draw your own) 
  • Sharpie


1. Pour a small amount of each color paint in four spots on a paper plate.

2. Attach one clothespin to each pom pom and place in their matching paint spots.

3. Holding the top of the clothespin, stamp or drag the paint-covered pom poms to design your own Easter egg.

4. Write Easter, the year and child’s name at the top (optional).

From all of us at Red Stick Moms, Happy Easter!  

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