Is It Just Me? Or Does Misery *REALLY* Love Company?

I surround myself with some pretty cool chicks. We try to meet regularly, check in on each other, celebrate our victories (parenting and otherwise) and support each other when we have those days we fail spectacularly. 

Because we do. We all do. 

No one likes to fail, BUT when I fail, I don’t want your encouragement (not right away). I want your participation. I want you to jump right in with me – and make me laugh at myself or cry with me because we both totally suck. I want to go down in a blaze of glory – when I set the kitchen on fire (accidentally), when bath time deteriorated into a battle of wet, frustrated wills, when bed time never actually happened, when a “fun activity” left everyone in tears, when I didn’t calm down before I disciplined, when I prioritized work over family, when my child growled at me … 

I try every day. I work hard toward every goal.
Sometimes I fail.

When that happens, I need to know I’m not alone.

Are you with me? 





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