Lock Them Up & Throw Away The Key {Trying To Survive Motherhood}

Motherhood is tough, no doubt about it. As if there isn’t enough to worry about with our kids, we also have to worry about hiding the Tide pods from our teenagers, and I recently found out that there’s a condom snorting challenge?! On top of school violence, and oh you know, just the regular everyday illnesses that can affect our kids, I am over it!!

This motherhood thing is so darn hard. I’m amazed that moms are not wandering around in some Apocalypse Now daze. It’s hard to believe that some people actually question why moms are on anti-anxiety medication. You need them even if you haven’t been medically diagnosed … it’s called survival!!

I got pregnant for my oldest son when I was young, and I can remember clear as day thinking “man, I can’t wait to pop this baby out so I can stop worrying so much about him.” How wrong I was! Wrong, wrong, wrong!!

There is so much stuff going on in our world. Obviously there is some pretty serious stuff, but also there is some really dumb stuff. Yes I said it … dumb stuff! (I know it’s not a nice word.) BUT when you have to make sure you discuss with your teenager why eating Tide pods or snorting condoms just because some YouTube video dared you to do it is not a good idea, there is something seriously wrong with the world today. I mean, I just can’t!

I pray, I try to set a good example, and heck, I’m even considering spinning in a circle a few times and peeing on a leaf to get the good vibes going so that I can protect my kids. If you’re a mom who is not experiencing anxiety about any of this, or even other things regarding the safety of your babies, please tell me how you do it. I want to be you when I grow up! The truth of the matter, though, is that I don’t know any mothers out there who do not worry about their babies. It’s only natural.

So for now, I guess I will have to accept that worrying just comes with the job and do my best to do my best by them. If you’re any thing like me, trust me Momma Friend, you’re part of a huge club, and I’m here wishing all the best for you.

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