You Might Be Obsessed With Your Fitbit If…

Fitbit Obsession

A few months ago, I received a Fitbit as a birthday gift from a group of friends. Everyone should have friends like that in their lives – people who get together to buy you something just so they don’t have to hear you talk about how much you’re *really* thinking about buying one for yourself. These people are awesome and they know who they are – but they have NO IDEA what they’ve done.

I’m a little obsessed with it. Is it just because it’s new? Or because I don’t like to lose (even to myself)? Or because these things are addictive?

You be the judge.
In the vein of classic Jeff Foxworthy, can you relate?

You might be obsessed with your Fitbit if…

The First Thing


Your 3 year-old


Grocery Cart


Long Way


Jumping Jacks


Step Goals

All the steps


C’mon. You KNOW you’ve done the jumping jacks.


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