Why This Mom Can’t Stand School Uniforms


Okay, so I know that my opinion on the topic of school uniforms isn’t the most popular here in Baton Rouge, where all kids – even public school kids – wear school uniforms. Most moms love school uniforms. School uniforms make back to school shopping easier. School uniforms make getting dressed in the morning easier. And I’ve been told (though I’ve yet to be convinced) that school uniforms make for a better classroom learning environment.

But I don’t care because my son is my child, and what he wears should be his and my business.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand that schools need to have a dress code. We don’t want boys wearing jeans sagging down to their knees and showing their skivvies or girls wearing shorts and skirts that are so short they leave very little to the imagination. I get that.

But school uniforms for public school kids just take the dress code too far, in my opinion. After all, my child is a unique individual. He likes to express himself. He likes to pick out his clothes depending on his mood. Sometimes he likes to match. Sometimes he doesn’t like to match. But all the time – except on school days – he’s learning that how he is expressing himself relates to how he is presenting himself. Yes, even at the young age of five.

However, The Man has decided that my child doesn’t get to choose what he wears to school. He’s taken away that choice. He’s controlling me and my child, and I don’t like it one bit.

You know what else I don’t like? Dress down days! Days where my child can pay a dollar or two to dress down and wear whatever he wants. Now believe me, I take advantage of these days so my child can express himself. But I can’t believe I have to pay to allow him to do so. I also don’t like the special reward days, where if my child has earned a certain number of class points he can earn the privilege of doing something as awesome as untucking his shirt. You have to earn the “privilege” to untuck your shirt? Are you kidding me?!

Moms, why are we letting the public schools control our kids so much? Why are we letting them tell us how to dress our children? And why do we let the public schools spend their time and energy enforcing school uniforms when we should instead be demanding that our schools perform higher on the national level? I mean really, when it comes to schools in Louisiana, aren’t there more important things for us to worry about,such as not being ranked amongst the worst states for education in the nation?

Maybe this post has ruffled some feathers. And that’s okay! We should be talking about the rules our schools enforce on our children and what the real purpose of school is: a quality education. And I just don’t see how wearing a tucked in navy polo shirt and khaki pants help my child learn anything other than to sacrifice his individuality and follow the crowd.

How do you feel about school uniforms? Love them or hate them? Non-issue? Share your thoughts!

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  1. Samantha November 4, 2016 at 4:12 pm #

    Not really seeing how this is a big deal. He can express himself in other ways and through his clothing on evenings and weekends. Few adults can wear exactly what they want during the work week. Most of us have workplaces that set standards for what can and can’t be worn, whether it’s an actual uniform, business professional attire, etc. And uniforms help equalize students and prevent a student from being bullied or feeling insecure if his parents can’t afford the popular brands or trendy clothes that other students’ parents can. You can have uniforms AND work to improve the school system – they’re not mutually exclusive.

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