Never Stop Dating Your Daughter

The invitation…

He came up to me in the church hallway and said, “what are you doing this Tuesday?”

I said, “I have to take the princess to dance.”

He replied, “I need you to help me with something can you give me an hour?”

“Sure Dad.” I said.

My father rarely made requests like this, so I figured it must be important.

Tuesday rolled around quick and I rushed home from work, tired as usual. Then I hustled my daughter out of the door to get her to dance and dashed off to meet my dad. My dad had instructed me to meet him in front of a local eatery in Baton Rouge. He texted me to get a table, which I found odd, but I went with it. When he arrived at the table he sat down, and said “It is daddy daughter night here.” I was super surprised. He let me know that a notification came across his phone the week before, and he decided to bring ME for a daddy daughter date night. Now, we were not the typical daddy daughter the restaurant would expect, being that I was probably twenty years older than all the other daughters present but we had a great time. 

Priceless Memories… 

We sat there eating our dinner and talking about all kinds of things, from how hard raising teenagers is to sharing memories from my childhood. We were only there for about an hour and fifteen minutes BUT it may as well have been hours. It was so precious and in those few moments, my dad made me feel heard, valued and loved. I was reminded that I wasn’t just a busy wife and mom, but I was also someone’s little princess. 

Daddy’s Girl…

I can’t remember the last time my dad and I got to spend that type of quality time together. We used to do daddy daughter dates all the time, but of course things shift and change as kids become adults. What I will remember and cherish forever is that in one night, my dad reminded me that great men still exist and that I have been blessed to have one in my life. I hope my dad never stops dating me and taking the time to remind me I’ll always be his little girl.


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