Our Kids are Gross Because …

Y’all, kids are gross. I think this is just natural for them. Most of the time, they don’t even realize how incredibly gross they are being. Recently, our team sat down and named all the reasons WHY our kids are gross and we laughed. Enjoy, laugh with us and comment with somethings your kids do that are gross. 

Kids are gross because … my son picks his nose when I am not looking, then sneakily says “Mama surprise” and I get all excited thinking he picked me a flower when really it is a booger stuck to his finger! 

Kids are gross because … my son think it’s funny to lick the bottom of his shoe while I am driving and I can’t get to him. 

Kids are gross because … my son thought it was a good idea to take his poop out of his underwear and hide it in the corner of the sitter’s house rather than put it in the toilet. 

Kids are gross because … when my son drops a piece of food on the floor, he looks around for me before he puts it in his mouth. This is generally WAY after the 5 second rule!

Kids are gross because … my daughter floats her bath boats in her training potty pee pee. She won’t pee in the toilet because that is nasty, but playing in her own urine is not!

Kids are gross because … they poop in the bathtub.

Kids are gross because … they eat their own boogers regularly. 

Kids are gross because … we have hygiene discussions on why bathing is important and required on a daily basis.

Kids are gross because … my daughter told me she didn’t NEED to change her underwear unless there is stain in them. 

I think we can all agree that kids are gross, but we love them anyway! What is something that your kid(s) have done recently that makes you cringe? 

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